Culinary secrets: linen flour

Culinary secrets: linen flour

Linen flour is a source of cellulose and vegetable protein and also is rich with magnesium, selenium and potassium. It is noticed that it improves work of intestines and promotes weight reduction. Linen flour is used for bread making, pancakes, pies, from it cook tasty and useful porridges, added to forcemeat, omelets and casseroles.

Recipes of porridges from linen flour

From linen flour it is possible to make useful porridges which promote a conclusion of harmful cholesterol and slags from an organism and to weight reduction.

Preparation of the "live" porridge which isn't demanding cooking will require the following products:

- 2 tablespoons of buckwheat; - 1 tablespoons of a linen seed;

- 1 small head of onions; - linseed oil. First of all, touch buckwheat and dry it. grind in the coffee grinder separately buckwheat and a linen seed. Then mix them in a ceramic bowl or a glass in a proportion 2:1 and fill in with abrupt boiled water (the density of porridge will depend on an amount of water). Well stir and wrap up ware with a thick towel. Let's porridge infuse to pass 10-15. During this time clean a bulb, small chop and fry on vegetable oil. Before the use fill the made linen porridge with the fried onions or linseed oil which will make a dish even more useful. Linseed oil contains polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids. Instead of onions it is possible to add raisin to porridge. He needs to be killed previously in warm water for about 20 minutes. When raisin bulks up, put it in mix of buckwheat and linen flour, stir and fill in with boiled water.

To cook porridge from linen flour on milk, it will be required: - 500 ml of milk; - ½ glasses of linen flour; - sugar; - salt. Pour in milk in a pan and bring to the boil on average fire. Then gradually pour linen flour and, continuously stirring slowly, you cook porridge within 4-5 minutes. After that remove a pan from fire and having wrapped up with a towel put approximately on a quarter of hour to infuse. Then add salt, granulated sugar and well mix. If desired sugar can be replaced with any jam, syrup or honey.

The recipe of home-made bread from linen flour

To bake "healthy" bread from linen flour which won't add kilograms at all and will help to keep symmetry it is required: - 50 g of linen flour; - 150 g of wheat flour; - 50 g of bran; - 150 ml of kefir or serum; - 1/3 tsps of the soda extinguished in vinegar; - 1 tsps of granulated sugar; - 1 tablespoons of sesame; - salt. For a start sift wheat flour and add to it bran and linen flour. If desired it is possible to add also baking powder. Slightly warm up serum or kefir to a warm state. Then add to fermented milk product granulated sugar, salt and soda, extinguished vinegar. Carefully mix all components and begin to knead dough. For this purpose gradually pour in liquid in flour mix and well mix everything a knife, doing the cutting movements. Add a little previously fried sesame. When becomes possible, knead dough hands. You watch that it didn't turn out too abrupt or excessively soft. Having kneaded, cover dough with a napkin and let's infuse minutes 30-40. Then create small long loafs, strew them from above with sesame, shift to the oiled baking tray and put in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps for half an hour to be baked until ready. Cover hot bread from linen flour with a napkin and before the use slightly cool.

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