Cup of harm and advantage in the mornings

Cup of harm and advantage in the mornings

 About coffee many rumors go, and some of them are very contradictory. Let's understand how the most known drink influences a human body? What components in structure can positively affect and what, on the contrary, it is necessary to be careful of? When does coffee influence well and when it is necessary to avoid its use?

Structure and caloric content of a product

Contrary to a big variety of grades of coffee beans, aromas and tastes of drink depend on a technique of frying of grains and technology of preparation. Most of people mistakenly believe that bitterness of drink (its durability) depends on availability of caffeine in it. But it absolutely not so, is responsible for aroma and a smell absolutely other alkaloid which is present at grains. And here tannins are responsible for bitterness.

Caloric content of black drink is 2 kcal on 100 grams of a coffee product. Different vitamins and minerals, the main of them are a part: magnesium, iron, potassium, sulfur, calcium and phosphorus. In addition, at it there are at least 30 organic acids and tannins. But the most important components are tannins and caffeine.

Drug or not

There is an opinion that coffee causes dependence. Whether so it? Experts consider narcotic substances those components which cause physical and psychological dependence, accustoming. Coffee is only legally recognized stimulator, and caffeine in it is capable to improve short-term memory, to lighten the mood and even to facilitate breath.

One more feature of caffeine is the speed of its action as after the first drink it gets to blood within 15 minutes, and the effect of cheerfulness is notable at once. The effect of caffeine in a human body can last long enough, but at smokers much less.

It is recommended to drink no more than 2 cups in the morning. Such quantity only positively influences the person. Drinking more cups in day, it is possible to feel caffeine overdose: there is a nervousness, excitement, cardiac arrhythmia, insomnia, problems with a stomach. It is also proved that caffeine can bring calcium out of an organism, and it provokes development of osteoporosis. These people need to fill calcium loss with everyday consumption of cottage cheese and milk.

You should not claim that drink is drug. Everyone can refuse easily coffee for various reasons, without resorting to the help of doctors.

All pro in favor of coffee

It is impossible to recognize effect of drink unambiguously as harmful or useful. Each person defines it independently, considering own health and predisposition. How does this drink influence an organism? Studying everything about coffee, we will consider its advantages.

Coffee can increase intensity of a metabolism, to develop energy, to calm an organism at stresses. Influence also affects the center of a brain which is responsible for breath. Here the advantage of drink is obvious: it expands bubbles in lungs of the person, well influencing asthmatic attacks. Systematic consumption of coffee reduces percent of probability to ache with diabetes or to catch liver cancer.

Grains contain the minerals and minerals important for effective work of an organism — potassium, magnesium, iron and also antioxidants are a protection against influence of external factors of the environment. Coffee aggravates sense of smell, hearing and sight, helps easier to perceive information. Unambiguously advantage of drink also that it positively influences intestines, normalizing work and reducing risk of tumors. Fragrant drug influences digestion positively: it helps to digest food and to lose weight.

Important! Besides it is excellent stimulation of functions of a cardiac muscle, one cup is capable to expand vessels and to reduce risk of a heart attack.

Prevention of diseases

For many people drink is already an integral part of life. Begins with it every morning, coffee supports forces throughout the day. Without exceeding a dose, this invigorating drug is very useful and acts as prophylactic from a set of diseases:

  • Cholelithic disease. 10 years ago researches showed that women who drink about 4 cups a day reduce risk of emergence of stones in a gall bladder by 25%. The similar results checked even earlier showed the same effect and for men.
  • Treatment for a depression. If to drink 3 cups of coffee a day, the probability of disposal of a depression is high.
  • Considerable improvement of memory. Drink of cheerfulness improves short-term and long-term memory.
  • It is less than risk for development of cancer. Today it is already proved that coffee promotes reduction of risk of developing of a breast cancer at women. Besides, the same positive effect renders drink on a prostate at men.
  • It is less risk to ache with Parkinson's disease. 17 years ago the American magazine published results of researches with proofs that the use up to 3 cups a day on 25%sposobstvuyet to reduction of risk of development of Parkinson's disease.

Weight reduction

Caffeine keeps normal weight, sometimes promotes loss of extra kilos. The coffee component stimulates a metabolism, at the same time chlorogenic acid does not allow to be absorbed to glucose in a large number.

But on it researches of scientists do not come to an end. The American experts consider that noble drink has one more worthy advantage: caffeine in itself reduces appetite therefore the person never overeats and has not a bite.

Whether you know? In the countries where grow up coffee, the coffee fruits still collect manually. Ordinary workers can collect for day of 7 baskets of beans, each of which weighs 100 kg. Such work within 5 dollars for a basket is paid. But here after drying and roasting of grains the price increases up to 110 dollars.


If the speech about the stimulating products, then is always traced communication with the same substance — caffeine. This component psikhoaktiven. It means that it affects nervous system. Therefore you after consumption of drink feel cheerfulness and inflow of energy in the morning. The human body gets used to substance pretty fast, and the need to increase a dosage increases further. As well as many other alkaloids, caffeine differently influences an organism, in particular, its action affects a stomach, more precisely — G-cages.

These cages are present at a mucous membrane and are responsible for secretion of a gastrin. This hormone stretches stomach walls in the presence of caffeine. Hormone is not responsible for digestion, but its presence sekretirut acid which is necessary for decomposition of proteins.

So, the use of caffeine after meal helps to function better to a digestive tract. However you remember that the big acidity can cause heartburn, an intestines vermicular movement, stomach ulcer.

Harmful properties

Than coffee is harmful to the person and how negatively drink can affect an organism? Let's consider at least three lacks of this well-known drug:

  • Nervous breakdown. In the course of overdose of strong coffee, reserves of substances which transmit signals to nervous system are reduced. Signs look as follows: it is irritability, frequent heartbeat, a depression, insomnia. That to avoid it, it is necessary to limit itself to 3 cups a day.
  • Brings minerals out of an organism. Due to diuretic effect, caffeine brings calcium, magnesium and other useful minerals out of an organism. Because of it the person begins to feel the weakness, interruptions connected with heart, depressions, head pains. For smaller risk it is better to add milk, cream to coffee and in addition to take the drugs with minerals.
  • Saves from vitamins. Because of the use of caffeine B1 vitamin regulating carbohydrate exchange disappears. Its shortcoming worsens quality of hair, skin and memories. The deficiency is compensated by bran, nuts and a liver of beef.

Drinks which are also useful to our organism: ginger tea, green tea, juice from a tea mushroom, birch sap, milk, vitamin cocktails, fruit cocktails, dogrose infusion.

As addition of milk influences coffee

Fans thought to have coffee with milk for certain, harm or advantage are born by such combination. One myth says that milk spoils drink, and it is hard acquired by an organism. The main argument of this theory is that tannin strongly connects to protein of dairy product and therefore it is badly acquired. But actually, in tea of tannin it is much more, than in coffee.

Tannin in the fried grains makes 1 percent, and in black tea which is also had with milk, 15 percent of tannin contain. Nevertheless the most part of the population around the world has tea with milk and does not feel any discomfort.

Whether you know? An americana appeared during World War II. Then the American soldiers could not have quietly strong European coffee and diluted it with water. The invigorating drink is in the second place in the world ranking of the most sold goods. And on the first place — oil.

Whether it is possible for coffee to pregnant women

Many women do not represent morning without cup of fragrant coffee, but during pregnancy doubts creep in: whether such product is safe. Yes, caffeine increases pressure therefore, having problems with it, it is worth consulting with the doctor.

It does not mean that it is necessary to refuse caffeine completely. Let's understand advantages and shortcomings of the invigorating drink during pregnancy:

  • Coffee is useful. By results of the Danish researches with participation thousands of pregnant women the admissible norm of caffeine was established. It turned out that in day it is quietly possible to drink up to 3 cups without risk for health of mother and the kid. Besides the mood of the woman will always be good.
  • Coffee is harmful. Absolutely other results were received by the American scientists who proved that caffeine loses the weight of the baby. 100 g of a coffee component a day save the kid from 28 g of weight. And still the term of carrying the child for 5 hours increases.

Experts recommend to indulge occasionally themselves natural grains in moderate quantity. For good mood one cup a week suffices.

Advantage or harm

It is impossible to call drink absolute in everything. Coffee have the advantage and harm for human health. The product cleans a gall bladder, reduces risk of emergence of stones in kidneys. Also favorably influences lungs, prevents diabetes, increases metabolism, enriches with carbohydrates and minerals.

At the same time at the frequent use, caffeine causes headaches, dizziness, nervousness, uneasiness and tension.

Important! Coffee is harmful to each smoker: the simultaneous use of nicotine and caffeine increases development of a hypertension twice.

The coffee product ambiguously affects dental health: reduces development of caries, but badly influences color of teeth.

In conclusion of a subject we will note that to drink or to have coffee — a personal record of everyone, and the advantage and harm of drink generally are defined by a dosage. It is a lot of pros and cons, and everyone approaches this question individually.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team