Cutlets on couple in the multicooker

Cutlets on couple in the multicooker

The cutlets on couple made in the multicooker - a remarkable dietary dish which will be suitable both for adults, and for children. Steamed cutlets are cooked from meat or chicken forcemeat, from fish and even from mushrooms. Along with a main course in the multicooker it is possible to make a garnish, for example to make potatoes.

Meat cutlets on couple

Prepare the following ingredients: 0.5 kg of meat (beef, pork) or ready forcemeat, 2 bulbs, white loaf (half-long loaf), bread crumbs, 2 eggs, are a little milk, salt, spices to taste.

Wet bread in mix of milk and water. Cut pieces meat, miss it via the meat grinder, then turn onions and the soaked bread. Add to egg mix, salt and spices, carefully mix everything.

That cutlets turned out juicy, add to forcemeat of a little boiled water. I observe lightness will give the small piece of a desi added to forcemeat.

Create small cutlets from forcemeat and roll in them in bread crumbs. Pour into the multicooker 1 glass the filtered water, insert a form for steam boiling, lay out in it cutlets. On average in a form 8 pieces clean up. If portions turned out much, prepare them by several parties. Set the Double boiler mode (or "Steam boiling") and preparation time - 35 minutes. Give ready meat steamed cutlets hot with salads from a fresh vegetables. Decorate a dish with small cut greens.

Fish cutlets on couple

To prepare in to the multicooker fish cutlets on couple, take 600 grams of fillet of any saltwater fish, 1 egg, a bulb, 4 tablespoons of bran, fennel, salt, pepper. Crush by means of the blender of fillet of fish, add small cut onions and other ingredients, carefully mix everything and leave for 20 minutes that bran bulked up. Create cutlets. Pour water in the multicooker, put cutlets in a form for steam, set the Double boiler mode and preparation time - 30 minutes.

Fish steamed cutlets can be given both hot, and cold. To them it is possible to make tasty white sauce.

Mushroom steamed cutlets in the multicooker

Try to steam mushroom cutlets in the multicooker. Prepare 800 g of forest mushrooms, 1 glass of buckwheat, 5 tablespoons of oat flakes, 1 egg, 1-2 bulbs, sunflower oil, salt, pepper. Clean mushrooms, cut them and boil in the added some salt water until ready. Wash out buckwheat and fill in it with water. Prepare it in a multicooker bowl in the Grain mode. Cast away the welded mushrooms on a colander, and then crush by means of the meat grinder or the blender. Cut onions in cubes and fry it within 4-5 minutes in the multicooker in the Frying mode. Add mushrooms to onions. Fry 5-7 more minutes, stirring slowly. Put buckwheat cereal, egg in mushrooms, add salt and pepper, pour oat flakes.

The ratio of mushrooms, buckwheat and oat flakes in cutlets can be changed at own discretion.

Create small cutlets and lay out them in a form for steam boiling. Pour into a multicooker bowl 1 glass water. Cook mushroom cutlets of 15 minutes in the Double boiler mode.

How to prepare in the multicooker steamed cutlets along with a garnish

To prepare a garnish (for example, potatoes) along with steamed cutlets, lay out cutlets in a multicooker container for steam boiling. Clean and wash out potatoes, cut it not really largely, lay in a multicooker bowl, add some salt, season with spices, fill in with water so that it almost completely covered potatoes. Place over potatoes a double boiler bowl with cutlets. Set on the multicooker the Pastries mode and preparation time - 40-45 min. From ready potatoes drain water and make puree.

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