Dairy mixes in house conditions

Dairy mixes in house conditions

feeding is a type of feeding at which the child instead of breast milk receives artificial mixes in view of some reasons:

  • Heavy pregnancy and childbirth
  • Infectious diseases of mother
  • Stresses
  • Intake of some medicines

Breast milk contains about hundred active components which are peculiar only to a human body. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, hormones, enzymes, specific and nonspecific factors of protection, mineral salts and vitamins belong to them. Unlike a product of natural feeding, cow's milk has several other structure, however factors of immunity and many other elements prevail in the first case.

Cow's milk is not applicable in the raw as comprises a set of microorganisms which can cause digestive tract diseases. For many years, researches which showed that 1 milliliter of milk contains about 10200 microbes which number in process of storage increases in a geometrical projection were conducted.

Now in shops and supermarkets sell dairy products, last special processing and ready to the use. However we will tell about dairy mix which can be prepared in house conditions.

Milk is spilled in small bottles, in quantity multiple to number of feedings per day then close openings rubber traffic jams. Take the enameled pan which internal bottom is covered a thick towel or a napkin (for fixing of a glass container). Water slightly higher than the level of milk in small bottles is filled in then begin to heat on a plate or the oven. Water is carried to boiling and is left on fire of 10-15 minutes. The received milk is cooled and stored in the cool place.

Before feeding milk is usually warmed up to it is necessary temperatures, then shake up and put on a rubber pacifier through which they check passability of milk. Temperature is usually checked, having tasted it, or to the touch. The first is usually carried out from a spoon not to allow penetration of microbes of your mucous mouth into the child's food.

Rubber nipples can be got in modern shops which sell for single use. Openings in them usually necessary form which allow food to come to a mouth of the kid evenly.

After feeding the glass container is carefully washed with hot water or the dishwasher. If desired it is possible to carry out again process of boiling which will in addition sterilize small bottles.

Children receive usually artificial feeding aged 8-9 month which is selected to each child individually. Also other dairy products – kefir or rice broth are added.

Powdered milk which produces by drying of the normal pasteurized cow's milk is often applicable in practice. The product has a long period of storage, in structure there are a dry whey and vegetable oil. Powder is dissolved in the ratio by 150-200 grams on water liter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team