Diet for a session or how to strengthen nerves

Diet for a session or how to strengthen nerves

is well-known to all students the session is nerves. After painful month the student is squeezed out as a lemon, it is exhausted also nervous system not in the best state too. How it is possible to restore forces and nerves of the endured stress subsequently?

For this purpose it is necessary to adhere to a certain diet. It can be divided into two conditional modes: mobilizing and hygienic.

Let's begin with hygienic. Such diet is calculated on a preparatory stage. That is it is necessary to begin it in 2-3 months prior to a session.

It is necessary to increase the number of consumption of vitamin C. It stabilizes cellular membranes and is powerful antioxidant. There is a lot of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in berries and fruits. At all this vitamin is associated with a citrus, but there are also other products rich with it. These are exotic feijoas and a kiwi and absolutely habitual horse-radish, cherry and blackcurrant.

Vitamin B.

At its shortcoming the organism quickly is tired. Contains in rye bread and the liver which is (not fried).

Phosphorus and calcium.

Products in which they contain: fish (but fish, but not crabsticks some), dairy and fermented milk products.

Vegetable oil is very useful too as it contains saturated fatty acids.

For improvement of work of a brain almost all table of Mendeleyev is necessary. These are so-called minerals which there is a lot of in onions, garlic and seafood.

Perhaps you will be slightly surprised, having learned that the organism needs cholesterol. But in very small amounts. It promotes improvement of resumption of nervous tissues. Contains in such a product as eggs, butter, fat.

Cereals and porridges are also very useful.

Now as for the mobilizing mode. It is a diet for a short time and it is applicable only in extreme conditions.

First, for this purpose to keep forces, kind of to include the energy saving mode it is necessary to use sweet. Honey and dried fruits will become the best assistants in this case to you. And bananas and chocolate also the mood will be lightened as are very rich in serotonin.

Nuts and fermented milk products will protect your nervous system.

And here opposite you should not take alcohol though many and say that this best soothing. It will damage in general to your state.

The use of vitamins needs to be increased twice.

And do not resort to help of psychostimulators at all. They will only destroy your nervous system.

Such diet – it is inexpensive and tasty. You are not lazy to doderzhivatsya several rules and your organism will very easily transfer a stress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team