Diet for health of joints (Part 2)

Diet for health of joints (Part 2)

Intake of some medicines can break processes of work of some vitamins and minerals, such as folic acid, B6 vitamin, zinc and magnesium. Low level in blood of vitamins of group B (which includes folic acid and B12) can increase risk of a degeneration of a joint therefore include in a diet a dark green leafy vegetables and also bezglyutenovy dishes from whole grains, such as rice, buckwheat and amaranth.

What food needs to be avoided?

Without a doubt, it is necessary to exclude all fried food and also fast food. Reduction of amount of the consumed salt positively affects health of joints. It is necessary to reduce a share of the consumed animal fats, such as fat dairy products and fatty meat to a minimum.

Some patients with arthritis report that the exception of certain products helps to facilitate its symptoms. Usually they call oranges, tomatoes and pepper and also dairy products and wheat. As there are no scientific proofs in support of these requirements, maintaining the food diary which will allow to see that it provokes arthritis symptoms specifically in your case will be expedient. Don't exclude valuable products from the diet without consultations of your attending physician or nutritionist.

What else it is possible to make to protect joints?

1. Support healthy weight – each extra kilo which you will lose, can lower load of joints many times.

2. Be active. 30 minutes of lungs of exercises will daily improve the general condition of an organism. Try such sports as swimming, run if the sport is given you hard, begin with elementary charging and give several minutes to walks.

3. Regularly give rest to your joints – listen to the body to learn when you need to take a timeout. At moderate loads of joints in them blood circulation and processes of regeneration improves. But at excessive loading the vessels won't be able to be restored.

4. Leave off smoking – at people who smoke, diseases of joints develop twice more often.

5. Increase vitamin D level in your organism. Action of sunshine on skin promotes production of vitamin D. Low levels of ""solar"" vitamin are connected with osteoarthritis so daily within 15 minutes walk on the street without sunblock cream. It is recommended to do it in the morning in the summer or late at night when the sun less intensively. Don't forget that such products as a fatty fish and eggs are rich with vitamin D.

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