Diet for skin

Diet for skin

The diet influences not only our health, but also also how we look. Professional beauticians are capable to give detailed information on those food which are used by their patients. Shortcomings on skin are very often connected with the fact that the organism just doesn't receive in addition substances necessary for it, or is opposite oversaturated by them. Any cosmetics will never be able to hide up to the end these shortcomings and furthermore to save us from them.

Healthy skin requires the balanced and healthy nutrition. Frequent diets, abuse of junk food - all this does harm. For maintenance good it is necessary to make a fortune of skin the correct food allowance and to adhere to it.


The chief supplier of vitamins B our organism is, of course, food. Daily we have to receive with it 13 vitamins. Therefore it is very important to keep constantly balanced food. For appearance as very important vitamins are considered And, With and E.

Mineral substances

Mineral substances perform many important functions in an organism. They regulate the liquid level, hormonal balance and also these substances are construction material of our organism. Iron is considered an important element. It can be "found" in pork liver, eggs, apples, etc. Potassium is in a sorrel, haricot. Table salt is considered very good source of sodium, it needs to be used in day of 5 grams. Also our skin needs such elements as copper, phosphorus, manganese and selenium.

Proteins and fats

Protein is the basic construction material of cages of our organism. At a lack of protein skin begins to grow old quickly and also the organism loses immune force. Also fats as they build a cover for cages are necessary for maintenance of healthy skin, and have huge energy value.

Carbohydrates and cellulose

Carbohydrates play very large role. They bear a huge charge of energy which muscles, nervous system and a brain eat for an organism.

Cellulose helps to clean intestines that too brings only benefit to skin and affects its appearance.

So, to have healthy skin it is necessary to eat properly. Surely it is necessary to include in the daily diet:

  • vegetables and fruit;
  • use milk and fermented milk products;
  • use protein products and also the products containing fats.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team