Diets and overeating

Diets and overeating

We overeat, we go on diets, we break, again we return to habitual style of food. It reminds a vicious circle. Often we don't think of why so occurs.

The word "diet" is familiar to much of us not by hearsay. For women the diet is similar to magic gin from a bottle which promises instant disposal of excess weight, and together with it and from all other problems.

It is no secret that overeating is the main reason of set of fatty tissue. It is the easiest way of disposal of the stress caused by such negative emotions as fear, offense, anger, etc. Overeating not only allows to get rid to some extent of psychological discomfort, but also helps to feel protected. The thought of favourite delicacy in an anticipation of that feeling when you taste a piece of favourite cake from the next bakery, is capable to increase considerably mood and to give energy for end of the working day.  

  • It is necessary to recognize several key moments which usually accompany meal when overeating:
  • Process of absorption of food increases mood.
  • In most cases we eat even then when we aren't hungry.
  • Often we eat unconsciously, without controlling quantity and quality of the consumed food.
  • Flavor profiles of food it is much more important than its usefulness.

At such relation to food of a diet become ineffective. If not to change radically the habits, diets won't bring long-term result. The person addresses diets as to means of fast disposal of weight. Actually the diet has to become the way of life which is individually picked up by style of the healthy and balanced food.

Thus, the reasons of overeating are much more deeply, than we can imagine. So we fight against everyday stressful situations. Short-term diets aren't capable to yield desirable result if we in a root don't change the relation to food and we won't learn to treat it consciously.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team