Dishes of Uzbek cuisine: Tashkent salad

Dishes of Uzbek cuisine: Tashkent salad

The Uzbek salad with the name "Tashkent" was fallen in love to Russians at the time of the USSR when it actually stopped being exotic and was especially widespread in areas of the South of the country. Culinary specialists are sure that this dish transfers all color of the become already foreign cookery. By the way, Tashkent was included in the Soviet edition "Blyudo Uzbekskoy Kukhni".

The following ingredients – 2 pieces of green radish of the average size, 2 bulbs, 1 chicken cooked egg, 3-4 quail eggs, 150-200 g of boiled beef, mayonnaise or other favourite gas station, vegetable oil, salt and two types of a sprinkling pepper will be necessary for you for preparation of Tashkent salad (black and red).

Well wash out radish, clean from a peel and chop very much small and thin straws. This way of cutting of vegetables is considered traditional for Tashkent, but radish can also and be ground on a large grater. After that well wash out vegetables in cold water.

There is a small secret by means of which it is possible to remove too intensive smell and excessive bitterness from radish. For this purpose it is necessary to place it in cool water for 12-15 minutes. And if you aren't confused by these properties of radish, leave it just polished.

Cut bulbs on thin half rings, and in a frying pan warm small (excess fat in this salad isn't necessary) amount of vegetable oil in which brown vegetables. Cut the cooked beef or veal which will also be suitable for Tashkent with thin straws. Also arrive with egg. After that in a deep salad bowl connect onions, radish, beef and egg, salt these ingredients and pepper, dress with mayonnaise and well mix.

Mayonnaise, besides, is necessary not really much. It can also be replaced with yogurt if you want to receive healthier and useful dish.

After that lay out Tashkent salad in already that ware in which it will be when giving on a table, or in small ice-cream bowls. Then decorate already ready-to-eat meal with pieces or halves of boiled quail eggs. Such salad together with traditional Uzbek flat cakes or a lavash is served.

If at your disposal there are no quail eggs, just leave a little chicken for decoration of already ready-to-eat meal.

This recipe is traditional, but there are also its variations, depending on flavoring preferences of the culinary specialist or his guests. So, beef can quite be replaced with chicken, and mayonnaise if you aren't afraid of excessive calories, sour cream. For ornament use of a small amount of branches of fresh greens (fennel, cilantro, green onions or beautiful curly parsley) is also allowed. But a combination of radish, eggs and meat which is real "salt" of Tashkent salad it is necessary to leave invariable. Of course, it is difficult to judge whether its inhabitants as it is quite possible that it is a fruit of Soviet years eat constantly or often such salad in Tashkent. Then recipe-books were formed taking into account and aspiration to internationality in all spheres of life of the Soviet citizens. But if you in turn want to try something new or to surprise the guests with quite unusual dish, then try to realize this recipe. Preparation time at already prepared ingredients of Tashkent salad makes about 20-30 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team