Dough for pies in the bread machine

Dough for pies in the bread machine

By means of the bread machine it is possible to simplify preparation of pies and buns considerably. Yeast dough for them can be made, using one their programs of these remarkable household appliances.

How to make dough for pies by means of the bread machine

Doughing in the bread machine will require 250 ml of milk, 50 ml of vegetable oil, 1 egg, 450 g of flour, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tsp of salt, 1.5 teaspoons of yeast. Instead of milk it is possible to use kefir, then dough will be more "air". For a stuffing take 1 bank of canned fishes (mackerel) and 4 eggs.

Pour the milk having room temperature in a bread machine container break egg and pour in vegetable oil. Sift flour and fill it in a container. Add sugar, salt, yeast. Put a container in the bread machine and install the Dough program. Dough will be cooked an hour and a half.

Check a condition of the test in the bread machine if it is thinnish, a podsypta in it 2 spoons of flour.

While it is kneaded, do a stuffing for pies. Merge liquid from canned fishes in separate ware. Knead fish a fork, deleting large bones. Boil and small cut some egg, mix them with fish and once again knead a fork. If the stuffing turned out too friable, add to it a little liquid from canned food, once again knead everything and mix.

After completion of work of the program lay out ready dough on the cutting board sprinkled with flour. Include an oven, let it be warmed. Begin to form pies. Knife dough on four parts which needs to be dipped in flour previously. Extend each part hands and again cut on four parts. Knead each piece in flat cake, lay out a stuffing in the middle and you stick together pie. Oil a baking tray, put pies and leave for 20 minutes that they rose a little. Then shake up egg, grease with it top of pies, put them in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps and bake until ready. From such test it is also possible to make buns, donuts, pizza, big pies - closed and opened.

Recipes of stuffings for pies

Pies with a cabbage stuffing turn out very tasty. For preparation take 300 g of cabbage, 1 egg, 25 g of oil, salt - to taste. Small chop cabbage, put it a thin layer (4 cm) in the frying pan warmed with oil and fry to semi-readiness, stirring slowly from time to time. Cool ready cabbage a little. Add the cut eggs and salt.

The meat stuffing, an offal is used in the closed pies. For open-faced pies the stuffing containing enough moisture (cabbage, apples, jam) is necessary.

To make a stuffing of a liver, take the 300th livers, 2 bulbs, vegetable oil, it is a little torments, salt and pepper to taste. Clean a liver from channels, skim with it. Cut a liver pieces 1 cm thick, salt them and fry in a frying pan in oil, blood won't disappear yet. Cool it and miss via the meat grinder. Separately make sauce: small cut onions, a little it fry. Fry without fat flour till light-korichnego color, add it to onions, pour in water or broth and boil half an hour, periodically stirring slowly. Pour in ready sauce in the liver which is passed via the meat grinder, extinguish on slow fire a little and cool.

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