Dried mango: advantage and harm"

Dried mango: advantage and harm"

Fruit from the southern countries always were something unusual, and even at their availability now all the same cause associations with rest and beautiful life. They can be used fresh and to enjoy taste. However very few people know that many exotic fruits are applicable also in a dried look. At the same time they are not dried fruits, their taste and aroma remain practically same, as well as with a fresh fruit. One of such fruit is mango about which properties in a dried look we also will talk.

Caloric content and chemical composition

The dried fruit of mango has the following structure I WATCH on 100 g of a product:

  • proteins — 1.48 g;
  • fats — 0.78 g;
  • carbohydrates — 81.61 g.

Whether you know? Mango is a love symbol at Hindus who shower newlyweds with leaves of this tree with wishes of happy marriage and a large number of children.

The general caloric content of a product is about 314 kcal on 100 g (in a fresh fruit of only 67 kcal). As a part of a product the set of various vitamins and minerals contains.

In dried fruits of mango most of all vitamin A — 100 g of the sukhofrukt provide 20% of daily requirement of an organism. Considerably also presence of vitamins of group B, D, E. Minerals contain in a small amount — iron, calcium and phosphorus. Presence of other substances is insignificant.

Advantage and harm

Both the gastronomic pleasure, and negative consequences can bear any exotic fruit. That is why before its use it should be taken into account all pluses and minuses.

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Useful properties

The advantage of dried mango for an organism can be listed quite long list:

  • prevention of work of a cardiovascular system — counteraction of a hypertension, to atherosclerosis, anemia;
  • regulation of activity of digestive tract — fibers of mango are capable to undertake some functions of a stomach in the form of absorption and removal of hazardous substances;
  • stabilization of nervous system — is normalized work of organs of hearing and sight and also the dream improves;
  • improvement of psychological state — decreases irritability, a condition of fatigue, depression;
  • increase in immunity;
  • acceleration of a metabolism, thanks to the content of iron, calcium and phosphorus;
  • general rejuvenation of an organism.

Dried fruits from mango help to improve composition of blood, a tone of blood vessels, concentration of attention, aggravate memory and reaction.

Contraindications and harm

As well as all products having a set of useful properties here too have restrictions in the use.

Important! The most serious contraindication to consumption of dried mango is the high content in it of sugar that does a product forbidden for patients sugar by diabetes.

For a stomach, unusual to such food, fruit is heavy, therefore at the first test it should not be abused, despite all remarkable tastes. Otherwise it is possible to receive various frustration in work of digestive tract — from simple gripes to the exhausting diarrhea.

Organic acids which contain in fruit both in crude, and in a dried look can become the reason of allergic reaction. Usually it occurs at unlimited consumption of delicacy which dried together with a thin skin.

How to make candied fruits of mango in house conditions

Candied fruits from mango can be got and industrial production, however at the same time nobody knows what raw materials were used for their preparation and the product was how honestly prepared — whether the technology was observed whether in sufficient quantity all ingredients are added, whether any substances for improvement of taste and appearance of a product were used.

Important! Natural candied fruits should not have bright color, it is dried fruits which lose a part of the coloring when drying. Otherwise at their preparation, dyes were used.

It is absolutely simple to make candied fruits in house conditions, at the same time you will be sure of their quality. Before preparation of candied fruits the acquired fruit need to be checked for availability in them of artificial dyes. To make it very simply — fruits are presoaked for half an hour in water and if it was painted, presence of dyes is obvious. It is better to reject such fruit.

Whether you know? Pulp of mango contains a yellow pigment a carotinoid cryptoxanthine which collects free radicals in a human body that significantly reduces risk of emergence and development of tumors.

Step-by-step recipe for candied fruits from mango:

  1. Fruits are washed out, fruit stems are removed, fruit are cut in half, the stone is cut out from them.
  2. It is accurately husked, fruit are dried from excessive moisture.
  3. Syrup is prepared (900 g of sugar on 1 l of water).
  4. The fruits cut into cubes, prepared by straws or slices are added to the boiling syrup.
  5. Fruit cook about 10 minutes then lean back on a colander for syrup running off.
  6. Mango is displayed on a baking sheet in one layer and dries in an oven at +40 °C with the slightly opened door.
  7. Dried (but not dried up!) segments are taken out from an oven and fall down icing sugar.
  8. It is the best of all to store candied fruits in a glass jar in a cool.

As well as many other fruit, mango is very useful to the person. This solar fruit will not leave anybody indifferent and fresh, and after drying.

It will bring to an organism benefit in fight against diseases and in their prevention and also will increase mood the unusual taste and bright appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team