"Drinks which rejuvenate skin

"Drinks which rejuvenate skin

is quite possible to control process of fast aging. And, above all, still and to slow down it. Researches of many experts proved that drinks are capable to slow down aging. Besides, certain drinks will make your skin young and smooth.

Drinks which rejuvenate and slow down aging:

  • Drink grapefruit. It perfectly will help your skin to renew. The main thing that it is capable even to smooth wrinkles. Everything put in special substance – the likoptena which contains in this wonderful fruit.
  • To improve your beauty and cocoa. It contains special flavanols. They remarkably keep youth. Besides, drink with cocoa reduces risk of development of diabetes and arterial blood pressure.
  • Perfectly juice from beet helps to return to your skin youth. It considerably improves a blood-groove, plus in a brain also prevents cognitive violations.
  • Prevents to developing of wrinkles soy milk. To contain in it special substances – isoflavonols. They are also capable to prevent collagen disintegration.
  • Always use juice from carrots. It will perfectly improve a condition of your skin. Besides, carrot juice contains lyuteolin. It is also capable to reduce inflammations which lead to cognitive violations.
  • Drink as much as possible water. Doctors advise daily to drink at least 1.5 liters of water. But only 2 l are better. As, water wonderfully influences skin. First of all prevents dryness, plus also slows down aging.
  • One of the most popular Argentina drinks is a mat. It is called still Paraguayan tea. This drink according to experts is perfectly capable to slow down aging. It was said by scientists from Argentina. The thing is that it contains polyphenols. They remarkably prevent damages of cages, due to strengthening of an organism. And it interferes with presenilation.

For this purpose, to prepare the best a mat, it is enough to take 500 ml., waters and 50 grams a mat. Their temperature has to be 70 degrees Celsius.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team