Egg protein: pluses and minuses how to accept

Egg protein: pluses and minuses how to accept

Food needs of the athlete differ from needs of the ordinary person: the organism of the first needs a large amount of full-fledged protein which is construction material for muscle fibers and also a power source. The egg protein is considered one of the best sources of protein. In this article the advantage and harm of this product, the principles of its use, advantage and shortcomings of egg white in comparison with serumal will be considered.

What is an egg protein

It is the proteinaceous fraction of egg extracted from egg weight. Previously egg weight is cleaned and will be pasteurized for the purpose of disposal of a salmonella and other pathogenic microflora.

Important! It is necessary to use egg white together with products which are rich with cellulose, such as apples, pears, potatoes, cabbage, pumpkin. It will help to avoid locks and problems with gas generation.


Caloric content of 100 g of this product is 49 kcal. 85.4 g from this weight are occupied with free and connected water, 10.3 g fall on proteins, 1 Mr. carbohydrates. The egg protein does not contain fats, but irreplaceable amino acids in it about 7 mg.

Advantage and harm for health of the athlete

The considered product makes salutary impact on a human body. Cases in which the organism suffers from individual intolerance of this product can make an exception or it is weakened by any disease.

Learn, than protein cocktails are useful and dangerous.

It is difficult to overestimate merits of egg white:

  • it is rich with both replaceable, and irreplaceable amino acids therefore it promotes normal functioning of nervous system, stimulates exchange processes and slows down aging;
  • contains the substance a leucine promoting accumulation of muscle bulk in a large number;
  • it can be used in a dietary diet when drying a body as practically does not contain fat;
  • normalizes hemoglobin level, stimulates the haematogenic function;
  • increases testosterone level in blood, balancing with that a hormonal background;
  • contains a large amount of the vitamins and minerals filling the shortage of feedstuffs in an organism.

Despite merits, not all are recommended to use this product:

  • avoid a protein from egg white if you have an individual intolerance of this product;
  • you should not use protein that who is regularly disturbed swelling, the increased gas generation and intestinal frustration.

Whether you know? The largest world exporter of eggs and them products China is considered. It is known that annually in this country more than 160 billion eggs make! The USA becomes the second largest exporter from year to year: at a chicken livestock in 260 million they produce 60 billion eggs a year. It is no wonder that the egg industry in China is so developed — in the territory of this country in the 14th century BC the first hens were cultivated.

Pluses and minuses

This product has considerable advantages before other sports food. Its regular use affects an organism positively:

  1. The described substance has a full range of amino acids therefore it can be used as the only source of protein.
  2. It is easily acquired by an organism, does not make negative impact on digestive system.
  3. Does not demand a large amount of water for normal digestion therefore does not render excess load of kidneys.
  4. Is digested gradually that allows the person to remain full and to feel inflow of forces throughout a long time.

Negative sides of application of this product are connected with features of its assimilation:

  1. As the egg protein has high viscosity, frequent and its excess use leads to locks.
  2. There is a need to buy the best products for achievement of good result as the effectiveness of a protein depends on its extent of cleaning.
  3. Its slow assimilation demands the additional use of the pharmaceutical irreplaceable amino acids increasing comprehensibility of protein.

Read in more detail about a protein and amino acids and also learn that it is better to accept.

As it is correct to accept

It is impossible to use an egg protein as usual food product. There are certain rules to which it is necessary to adhere not to do much harm to an organism:

  1. Calculate standard daily rate of a product by such formula: 2 g of a protein on 1 kg of body weight. Consider that protein which you receive with food.
  2. At one time eat no more than 35 g of this product — human intestines are capable to digest such quantity.
  3. To make proteinaceous cocktail, fill in one portion of additive with a glass of warm water or milk.
  4. It is necessary to use this product twice a day — in 40 minutes prior to the occupations, and then in an hour after them.
  5. Whenever possible mix protein of eggs and serums. They will add each other, and you receive better nutrition.

Important! In an egg protein are absent 3 muscles of amino acid, necessary for normal growth, is serin, a lysine and valine. If you want to receive the maximum advantage of a diet, you should buy these acids separately in the form of additives.

What protein is better: serumal or egg

To compare influence on an organism of these two products, it is necessary to know features and properties of each of them. The serumal protein differs in lack of negative impact on an organism and full-fledged amino-acid structure. Its properties:

  1. High speed of comprehensibility. It is a source of a bioavailable protein which begins to break up instantly to amino acids necessary for an organism and to feed it.
  2. This product is brought out of an organism too quickly, at the same time has high degree of comprehensibility. It needs to be accepted by 1.5 times more often than egg white.
  3. Contains all 18 necessary amino acids, is the richest source of a lysine and a leucine. Arginine in it contains in insignificant quantities, it needs to be got and used separately.
  4. Well influences microflora of a digestive tract thanks to the high content of calcium. Does not cause disorder of intestines.
  5. Has immunomodulatory effect — strengthens protective forces of an organism at the expense of glutamic amino acid which is its part in large numbers.

Video: The serumal protein the Egg protein — its regular use leads not only to growth of muscle fibers, but also to violations of work of digestive tract:

  1. It is acquired more slowly, than a serumal form. During the long period of time feeds muscle fibers and nervous system.
  2. Has low degree of comprehensibility therefore often provokes disorders of intestines — locks and the increased gas generation.
  3. Has no as a part of foreign feedstuffs, such as carbohydrates and fats.
  4. The amino-acid profile is rather poor. Has all amino acids necessary for an organism, but their quantity differs from a serumal product downwards.
  5. Promotes a fast set of muscle bulk.

Whether you know? The biggest fried eggs in the world from eggs were made in 2016 in Hungary in the resort of Shiofok. In total on its preparation 5.5 thousand eggs and about two hours of time left. The weight of huge fried eggs was more than 300 kg.

The egg protein is an available dietary product which is widely used as a source of the protein necessary for growth of muscle fibers. In comparison with other types of a food protein it has satisfactory amino-acid structure and is acquired by an organism gradually. To gain the maximum effect of its application, it is necessary to use this product in moderate quantities and it is strict on the established schedule.

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