"Everything that it is necessary to know about breastfeeding

"Everything that it is necessary to know about breastfeeding

convince mothers long ago that breast milk is only the healthy and useful nutrition for the newborn. Many mothers, "having tested" this way of food are ready to agree with it. However such, at first sight, plain process as applying to a breast, causes a set of problems at the beginning.

On demand or on hours?

Contrary to opinion of the Soviet grandmothers, it is the best of all to feed the newborn on demand: he will offer mother an optimum diet. At such approach the kid will gorge on, it is good to put on weight and to sleep tight. As a rule, newborns demand a breast of 8-12 times a day, including at night. By the end of the first month of life the number of feedings decreases to 7-9 times. At a breast the kid spends on average 20-30 minutes. It is important not to tear off the child from a breast violently. By the end of feeding it reaches to, so-called, "back" milk: fatter, nutritious, and therefore nourishing.

If you have too big breasts - use service of reduction of a breast

How it is correct to put to a breast?

One of the main rules - the child has to take not only a nipple, but also "circle" around it, an areola. It allows to increase a lactation, due to increase in number of the nervous impulses sent by the surface of skin to the woman's brain. Besides, in such situation it is easier for child to breathe and swallow that is extremely important for the weakened and premature children.

Besides, if the child correctly takes a breast, mother will not face such trouble as cracks on nipples.

Also such condition is important: the head of the child should not be thrown back, it makes a straight line with a trunk.

Whether to interrogate the child water?

Pediatricians are uniform in opinion that to interrogate the kid growing its mixes it is necessary. And here concerning the kids who are completely on breast feeding, opinions of doctors differ. However mothers cannot worry, milk contains up to 90% of water. It is recommended to interrogate the child during a strong heat and at temperature increase of a body to avoid dehydration of an organism which symptoms are rare urination, strong sweating and a peresushivaniye mucous.

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