Fat-burning drinks for weight loss

Fat-burning drinks for weight loss

Fat-burning drinks gain the increasing popularity among losing weight. The principle of their action is based that they accelerate the exchange processes happening in an organism. But physical activities are necessary for effective weight loss with use of fat-burning cocktails.

Replace with usually fat-burning drinks one full meal. Because they are low-calorie, the organism spends energy more, than consumes, and the person loses weight. Besides, the value of such drinks that they support squirrels therefore not muscle bulk, but fat is lost.

Fat-burning drinks often do of a fresh vegetables and fruit. It saturates an organism with vitamins, and intestines cellulose, and it is huge advantage for health. Besides, those fruit and vegetables which accelerate exchange processes in an organism are a part of these cocktails.

The industry of sports nutrition already took care of army of the losing weight citizens. On sale there is a mass of fat-burning drinks for every taste and a purse. But all of them aren't cheap and them it is difficult to check structure. Therefore many people watching the weight prefer to cook similar cocktails independently. It is easy to make usual fat-burning drink in house conditions. The best recipe to these wasn't revealed, everyone chooses that it has more to taste.

Fat-burning cocktails aren't so harmless at all as many think. Especially it concerns the drinks produced in the industrial way. The substances increasing endurance and lightening the mood are a part of such cocktails. These components can cause accustoming and seriously affect the health.

Green cocktail

This classical cocktail is, perhaps, the most available at the price and the most saturated vitamins. Therefore it is here on the first place. But the taste its very specific, therefore, it is pleasant not to all.

Preparation of this cocktail (as well as for all other cocktails) requires the blender. Parsley, a kiwi, leaves of mint and a lemon is a part of cocktail. Parsley it is necessary to wash and cut off backs. Peel a kiwi. A lemon slice and take out stones. Leaves of mint are enough to be washed.

Take all ingredients in approximately equal proportions, put in a cup for the blender, pour 100 ml (half-glass) of water and mix. Actually, cocktail is ready. It is necessary to drink it fresh. If drink seems very sour, it is possible to add a little honey.

Water-melon cocktail

This original cocktail allows to lose weight thanks to removal of excess liquid from an organism as it has diuretic effect. Besides, it is rather tasty. It is possible to carry that circumstance that it is available to preparation in a midland only in the summer, during a season of watermelons to shortcomings.

Its preparation requires watermelon and a kiwi. One portion requires three-four slices of watermelon and several small kiwis. Watermelon needs to be peeled also seeds, that is to put in the blender only pulp. Respectively, too to clean a kiwi. Mix products. Cocktail is ready. It is possible to put in already ready drink couple of summer berries from a bed for aroma. And one more cunning - addition of several ice cubes that very much refreshes during a summer heat.

Pineapple cocktail

All know that pineapple has fat-burning properties. Therefore you shouldn't be surprised that it is a part of drinks for weight loss.

Preparation of pineapple cocktail requires ripe pineapple, grapefruit and honey. It is necessary to peel pineapple and cores, to cut off several rings and to put in the blender. Grapefruit to clean, cut off a half too, to take out stones and to add to pineapple. To mix everything. To add a honey teaspoon to the received weight. It is possible to do without the last ingredient as it is very high-calorie. It is possible to add a mint branch for taste.

Ginger cocktail

Ginger was used for weight loss since ancient times. It contains substances which accelerate exchange processes in an organism. Many losing weight consider ginger cocktail the most effective.

For preparation of drink you need a small piece of a root of ginger (about 50 grams), one lemon and one grapefruit.

The lemon needs to be cleaned and removed all stones. Grate ginger on a small grater. Too to peel grapefruit. You watch that in cocktail there were no stones of a citrus as they can give to drink bitterness.

All ingredients need to be mixed the blender. Perhaps, drink will turn out too dense, then permissibly to dilute it with a small amount of water.

If drink seems to you too sour, it is possible to add a little honey, but it is better not to abuse it as the product can counteract weight loss and cause allergies.

Kefiric cocktail

Kefiric cocktail remarkably is suitable for winter when fruit already in deficiency. Besides kefir contains protein which is necessary for an organism in cold season.

The feature of fermented milk products is that they are long acquired by an organism, on digestion a large amount of energy leaves and the effect of weight loss is reached.

For kefiric cocktail it is necessary to take one glass of kefir, two tablespoons of oat flakes and a fresh cucumber. Oat flakes need to be crushed to a condition of flour. For example, in the coffee grinder. Or it is possible to buy oat flour in shop. Clean a cucumber and to cut small. However, it is possible to do also without it, mudflows it is about winter and about lack of vegetables. Mix all ingredients in the blender, and cocktail is ready. Enjoy your meal!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team