Fish in a foil: preparation secrets

Fish in a foil: preparation secrets

Recipes for fish in a foil now a set. Each of them has nuances and secrets of preparation which it is necessary to remember that the dish turned out tasty.

Fish "on a lemon"

Preparation of such dish requires fish of the average size, seasoning to fish, a lemon and fresh greens.

At first it is necessary to wash out fish very well. Then peel her from scales. The head and fins are cut off. After that fish is again washed out. Leave her to dry out.

Then put the washed-out and dried up carcass of fish on a cutting board. On fish make several cross-sections. After finish this plain procedure, fish it is necessary to rub off salt from two parties. To taste it is possible to use also seasoning of pepper. Previously cover a foil with strips from lemon pieces. From above put a fish trunk which before it was salted. On fish it is possible to add to cuts if desired and on a lemon piece. Fill up all this with fresh greens and inwrap in a foil.

Then fish in a foil is put on a baking tray and put in an oven. It is necessary to warm an oven previously to at most two hundred degrees then to put there a dish, and then fish will begin to be baked thoroughly evenly. After the end of preparation the fish has to become especially gentle and soft.

Classical roasting

For preparation of the fish baked in a foil we need one carcass of fish up to one kilogram, a lemon, wine vinegar, parsley, vegetable oil, salt and pepper. As well as in last option, the fish trunk needs to be washed out and dried at first properly. It is possible to use for these purposes and a towel. Fish needs to be rubbed with salt and pepper to taste. After that sprinkle fish juice from lemon segments, water a little and wine vinegar. Small cut greens. In a fish trunk strew the cut greens. Lay out a foil leaf on a table, carefully oil it vegetable. Vegetable oil is often replaced at the same time with margarine or butter. Place a fish trunk on a greased foil and inwrap. Wrapping a fish trunk, it is necessary to remember what needs to be turned kind of a package. At the same time it is necessary to pay attention to that from it juice didn't flow. Tips of the foil are wrapped up. The received bags need to be put on a baking tray and to put in in advance warmed oven. Time of pastries is about half an hour. After fish was finally baked, she is exempted from a foil. It becomes with extreme accuracy as at such preparation the fish becomes especially soft and gentle. The ready-to-eat meal can be watered with oil. It is the best of all serve stewed fish in a foil with vegetables.

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