Fish sea hare: than it is useful how tasty to prepare

Fish sea hare: than it is useful how tasty to prepare

Today abundance of sea products is so big that it is quite difficult to surprise their judges.

However only recently the mysterious fish called in the people by a sea hare was available for broad sale. It will be for certain interesting to fans of culinary experiments what the surprising being is and as it should be eaten.

As looks and where is found

The true name of this fish sounds ominously — the European chimera (Chimaera monstrosa). It concerns khimeroobrazny cartilaginous fishes and is found in waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and also meets in the Barents Sea.

Whether you know? The sea hare has no swimming bubble, as well as a shark therefore it is forced to be constantly in the movement to stay afloat.

Externally this sea inhabitant looks not too attractively; its characteristic features — the large head of triangular shape, a massive jaw and a long threadlike tail. A hare this fish is called because of some external similarity of her muzzle from hare.

Some sellers of seafood call it a sea rabbit, however it is wrong as the sea rabbit is a certain representative of the underwater kingdom, being a mollusk.

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Caloric content and chemical composition

Meat of a sea chimera belongs to low-calorie, dietary food:

  • caloric content of 100 grams of fillet of a sea hare is only 116 kcal;
  • irreplaceable fatty acids an omega-3 are a part of meat;
  • fillet of a chimera is vitamin-rich And, E and D.

Useful properties

As well as any seafood, the European chimera has the mass of useful properties:

  • the first and most important — fillet of a sea hare is an ideal source of digestible protein that is especially valuable to the athletes and people doing manual work;
  • existence in meat of fatty acids well influences a condition of skin, a hair, nails, internals, in particular a liver, regulates cholesterol level in blood;

Important! The few know that at the European chimera a poisonous upper fin therefore at a razdelyvaniye of a carcass it is necessary to be extremely careful, trying not to touch it and not to be wounded.

  • the vitamins A, E, D which are available in fillet of this fish are useful at exhaustion and a gipervitaminoza.

Contraindications and harm

Certainly, as well as any other product, meat of a sea hare it is useful not for all and not always:

  • first of all it is necessary to consider that this fish most often eats in a ground part of a reservoir — respectively, it is possible that she ate drop and toxic products;
  • as well as the majority of seafood, a chimera belongs to high-allergenic food therefore it is better for allergic persons to avoid it, to children up to 3 years and to pregnant women.

How to prepare in an oven

Sea hare — the infrequent guest on counters of shops and the markets, more often he can be met at restaurants as a refined delicacy. Really, preparation of a chimera without certain experience and secrets can end with failure.

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Meat at it quite rigid, but at the same time juicy, at the correct preparation has ill-defined fish taste and dense consistence. If fish was semifresh or at a razdelyvaniye of ink fins were injured, ready fillet will give bitterness. That to avoid it, it is necessary to buy seafood only in the checked places supplied with fridges. The fresh chimera has to have transparent eyes and red gills. There is a lot of recipes for a sea hare, however it is necessary to consider that just it is inexpedient to fry him on oil owing to specifics of meat.

In the best way it is possible to estimate taste of fish, baking her in an oven under various marinades and sauces adding juiciness and savor. Fillet of a sea hare turns out very tasty if to bake it under a double fur coat.

For this purpose it is required:

  • fish (1–2 average carcasses);
  • ground black pepper;
  • mix of spices for fish;
  • fresh basil;
  • parsley greens;
  • pickles (3–4 pieces of the average sizes);
  • garlic (3–4 cloves);
  • onion (1 piece);
  • sheep cheese (about 300 g);
  • kefir (1 glass);
  • sour cream (2 tablespoons);
  • fresh champignons (about 200 g);
  • tomatoes (for addition of a ready dish);
  • salt;
  • olive oil.

Preparation of a sea hare under a fur coat in an oven:

  1. To small cut pickles, to grate sheep cheese, to chop garlic a knife, to mix everything together in a stewpan.
  2. To add sour cream and kefir to the received mix, to mix carefully.
  3. To cut in cubes onions and champignons, to fry till golden color in a frying pan with olive oil.
  4. Carcass of fish to wash up, cut lengthways to fillet, separating cartilages and to cut portion pieces.
  5. To lay them on the baking sheet laid by a foil.
  6. To lay out on fillet the fried mushrooms with onions, distributing a uniform layer.
  7. To season ready sheep cheese, cucumbers and garlic sauce with pepper and spices and to cover with it fish with mushrooms, also even layer.
  8. To bake in an oven at a temperature of 180 °C within 15 minutes.

Important! After 15 minutes fish it is necessary to check for readiness, having tasted a small slice of fillet: it should not be crude and sticky. If necessary preparation time should be increased.

  1. To give to a table with fresh tomatoes or vegetable salad.

Video: preparation of a sea hare under a fur coat So, having learned that mysterious fish under the name a sea hare represents, fans of exotic food can not be afraid to please themselves and relatives with preparation of the baked fillet of this inhabitant of oceans.

Whether you know? Prior to the beginning of the XX century the chimera was considered as absolutely unsuitable for food, and fat from her liver was applied as technical lubricant.

The right choice of a product and its processing will give the chance to appreciate unusual taste of the European chimera.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team