Focaccia with parmesan and песто from green onions

Focaccia with parmesan and песто from green onions

Focaccia – national Italian flat cake which is baked of wheat flour. If to translate literally, then focaccia is the bread baked in the center. The recipe of traditional focaccia includes only 3 ingredients – water, olive oil and wheat flour.

It is required to you

  • - 350 g of wheat flour
  • - 250 ml of water
  • - 160 g of grated parmesan
  • - 5 g of yeast
  • - olive oil
  • - coarse sea salt
  • - 2 young bulbs with greens
  • - several branches of cilantro and mint
  • - garlic glove
  • - salt and pepper


1. Sift flour in a deep bowl, add salt, a polished Parmesan cheese and yeast. Boil water and pour a squirt in a bowl where are already flour, cheese and yeast. Pour a little olive oil and knead a smooth elastic dough.

2. Create dough in a sphere form. Cover it with a linen napkin and set aside to the warm place without drafts for an hour. Divide dough into 2 equal parts, and on the land surface which is strewn lightly with flour, roll two rectangles.

3. Spread out the rolled layers of the test for a baking tray, oil each layer and cover with a rag napkin for 20 min. that dough rose a little. Heat an oven to 210 degrees and bake a basis for focaccia of 10-15 minutes.

4. For pesto sauce clean and small cut garlic, wash up and cut a bulb. Greens of mint and cilantro rinse a baking plate flowing water, shake from excess moisture and also small cut. Mix the prepared greens in a separate bowl, add the crushed garlic, olive oil, salt and season with pepper.

5. Give on a table, previously having cut some flat cake triangular pieces, having watered with pesto sauce and having strewed with coarse salt.

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