Food before and in time pregnancies

Food before and in time pregnancies

heard more than once that food can both affect positively state of your health, and is negative. Especially it will be important if you plan pregnancy. During this period it will be important to pass to healthy nutrition. To use as much as possible fresh products, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish. But it is necessary to exclude such products: confectionery, farinaceous food, sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

All products which belong to a row confectionary and farinaceous food not favorably influence the woman's organism. At the use of the specified products the sugar level in blood increases and frequent it is not recommended to do it as your organism will constantly work very hard, and your forces and all useful minerals are necessary to your kid wholly. It is necessary to exclude also the excessive use of fish, the Omega - 3 and a liver.

Consumption of coffee or green tea promotes acceleration of heartbeat and pathology in work of a warm system not only at mother, and and at the kid.

Before you conceived to become pregnant, it is necessary to begin to spend on drink a rate of folic acid to mother and the father. After conception the father can stop folic acid to drink, and to mother to drink further. Into the account of that how many and how often to drink it, it is possible to learn only from the attending physician who, proceeding from your personal features, will appoint to you a prevention course.

Food in the course of pregnancy plays not only an important role for mother, but also first of all for the child. On what you eat depends whether the kid will have a predisposition to a certain disease or not. With healthy nutrition you accustom the kid in a womb to the correct products. Habits of mother are a habit and children in the future. If you want the healthy, clever, beautiful child – begin with yourself! Besides, the healthy nutrition will feed you round the clock useful with substances and minerals, to keep your weight normal, and a figure in an order even after the delivery that will help you to be restored rather.

Use more vegetables, celluloses, grain products, porridges, meat, cottage cheese, etc. Eat whole-grain bread, complex carbohydrates in the form of pasta, rice, buckwheat and other types of porridges, except wheat and barley, it is desirable in the first half of day.

Cottage cheese and other dairy products – the main source of calcium which young mother loses very quickly begin spoils hair, teeth, nails. But the most important in the use of these products – them needs to be eaten separately, by no means together with sweet, flour. The fact is that calcium in these products is not acquired by an organism at combination with others. That is, it turns out that you ate to cottage cheese or drank milk in empty. Your stomach needs time for digestion of calcium when processing dairy products. Therefore belong with deep it is understood to everything that you eat, and God bless you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team