Food for a set of muscle bulk

Food for a set of muscle bulk

Do you want to gain muscle bulk, but you don't know as? This article will respond to the majority of questions.

Healthy nutrition

That the organism could build muscles, it first of all needs healthy nutrition. It is understood as receiving by an organism of all useful nutritive matters from healthy food. It is desirable to eat at the same time each 3 hours. It is better to eat often, but gradually, than seldom, but it is a lot of.

Food needs to be diversified. It is impossible to eat only rice or buckwheat. It is necessary to mix. For example in the morning porridge, during the lunchtime rice, in the evening buckwheat. It is still very important to drink a lot of water. Not less than three liters a day.


It is construction material of an organism. Proteins are necessary for creation of muscle bulk. Without them it is impossible to construct muscles. Proteins have to make about 30% in a diet. Their large number contains in eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, bean. It is impossible to eat only one type of protein products, for example, only chicken meat. It is necessary to combine different protein products that the organism received a full amino-acid range in a diet.


They give to an organism energy. Carbohydrates have to occupy 50% of a diet. Happen simple and difficult. From simple it is better to refuse partially as thanks to them it is possible to gather excess fat. Contain in sugar, fruit, candies, dairy products. But it is impossible to refuse dairy products (thanks to it the ogranizm receives protein) and fruit (contain many nutritive matters and celluloses).

The diet mostly has to consist of complex carbohydrates. Contain in grain, porridges, pasta from firm grades of wheat.


Are necessary for maintenance of health in an organism. Without them the condition of skin, nails and all organism will worsen. Fats have to occupy 20% of a diet. Contain in oils, nuts, cheese.


Are necessary for receiving cellulose. In turn it is necessary for improvement of digestion and the best digestion of protein by an organism. Cellulose contains in vegetables and fruit.


For growth of muscles it is necessary to receive calories approximately 500 more, than we spend. Learn how many it is necessary calories individually for everyone it is possible in the calculator of calories. It is necessary to know that the squirrel contains in 1 gram the 4th calorie, 1 gram of carbohydrates contains the 4th calorie, 1 gram of fats contains 9 calories. Proceeding from it it is possible to make a diet. These calories need to be received from healthy food, but not from fast food and to that similar.


Without the correct trainings and a good dream, and also other factors it will hardly turn out to gain muscle bulk. But about it in the following articles.


So, it is necessary for a set of muscle bulk: 

1. To properly eat, use healthy food in a diet.

2. It is correct to distribute proteins, breadth and carbohydrates in a diet.

3. Eat food at the same time.

4. Drink a lot of water.

5. Eat approximately each 3 hours.

6. It is correct to train.

7. Sleep not less than 7-8 hours.

8. There are vegetables and fruit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team