Food for athletes"

Food for athletes"

nutrition – one of the major factors in bodybuilding, to be exact – the key to success in growth of muscle tissue and physical development. It is very important to distribute time, quantity and compound ingredients of a diet. It is important to know proportions of construction material of muscles - proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. It is necessary to know several rules which have to enter the everyday ordinary.

Eat fractionally. It is recommended to eat food each 3 hours as at a long absence of food in a stomach sugar in blood begins to decrease then the hormones having negative effect on muscle tissue begin to be produced. Standard three meals a day went long ago to the last century as negative influence of such meal on digestive tract was proved. Why? Everything is simple, too long breaks between a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner too large number of food arrives, during a break the hormonal exchange which is not suitable for a sports way of life changes, excess fat structures are postponed. Our choice – fractional food which is useful as for digestion, and the optimum growth of muscles.

Eat a lot of protein. Usually athletes, after the long period of a training, begin to be used protein additives which replace and increase effect of the protein arriving with food. They can be got on counters of the sports licensed shops.

The standard daily rate of protein – is not less than 2-3 grams on 1 kilogram of body weight. If to accept less, muscle bulk will cease to increase if it is more – will not feel a difference.

Vegetable food with high content of protein - soy, lentil, haricot, peas, grain (semolina, rice, millet, buckwheat and porridge), nuts (a filbert, almonds, walnut), bread (otrubny, rye), pasta from firm grades, mushrooms, potatoes and cabbage.  

Animal products with high content of protein – milk, fermented milk products, cottage cheese, cheese, sheep cheese, eggs, beef, pork, mutton, a liver, chicken meat, boiled and smoked sausages, fish and a squid.

Standardly, the person who does hard manual work at the age of 25-40 years needs about 90-110 grams of proteins a day. Bodybuilders are recommended to use much more as at the same time muscle bulk increases. Do not forget to distribute a daily dose of protein on each meal by a method of fractional food.

Many bodybuilders recommend to use additives as a component of sports food. Even beginners are recommended to use amino acids, glutamine and creatine which begin to work effectively at once. Amino acids and glutamine are compound proteins which are spent during the trainings at application of power exercises. Creatine will give the special force as consists of a component of muscles. The its is more, the muscle tissue becomes stronger.

Drink a lot of water which is an important component to structure of muscles. Water contains a set of minerals, participates in an active metabolism, digestion and processes of absorption of special additives. It is recommended to drink about 100-200 ml of water each 20 minutes of a training. Daily requirement, besides the water accepted with food – 2.5-3 liters.

Carbohydrates – some of the main components of healthy nutrition. Daily requirement – 5-7 grams on kilogram of body weight. However, it is necessary to notice that the organism needs only "slow" carbohydrates to which the following products – grain belong (semolina, rice, millet, buckwheat and porridge), berries and fruit (cherry, apple, pear, a kiwi) and also vegetables – tomatoes, potatoes, vegetable marrows, pepper, haricot, spinach and a cauliflower. "Fast" carbohydrates are not recommended, use them only as a part of special sports bars in case of the strengthened training.

Never you should forget that natural protein, or the protein, is not capable to replace any protein powder or capsules. They serve as an additional source for creation of muscle bulk.

The best choice of a natural protein – a beef chop, chicken breast and fresh fish who use in a boiled or pareny look. Never use a frying method as at it many useful substances are destroyed, carcinogens can appear and in general – unnecessary calories collect.

One of the main ingredients of a diet of the bodybuilder – cod-liver oil which the omega-3 and an omega 6 which have a great influence on exchange of fats and carbohydrates, reduction of cholesterol in blood and acceleration of accumulation of a glycogen in a liver contains fatty acids. This product can be bought in drugstore, however it is unknown whether the correct concentration were used at production of capsules. An alternative – use a lot of fish – at least 2-3 times a week.

The new cunning of bodybuilders is to eat before going to bed 100 grams of hard cheese or 30 grams of milk protein of casein. Why? And all because during sleep the muscular structure begins to collapse as for the long term of stay in a dream their food is broken and changes hormonal exchange. The issue is resolved!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team