Food of the busy townswoman

Food of the busy townswoman

The healthy nutrition can be compared to the good business plan – it not only maintains symmetry of a figure, but also helps to remain always successful.

ZavtrakStoit at once to tell that it is necessary to get rid of a habit to begin day with strong coffee and the sandwich swallowed on the run. Such breakfast can hardly be considered useful, it doesn't carry out the task assigned to it – gives energy a little, doesn't start exchange processes in an organism. The efficiency of such breakfast is almost equal to zero. The calories received after it last not for long, and the stomach begins to demand food literally in an hour, and it is possible also that earlier.

The breakfast has to be nutritive therefore the best option are porridges. For example, oat, wheat or corn. And the light omelet or cottage cheese watered with honey will help to diversify such morning diet. It is desirable to have tea and coffee without sugar, using instead of it quality sweeteners. By the way, many nutritionists say that it is the best of all to begin day with proteinaceous food.

Harmful a workplace most of office employees eat a perekusyn that is called between times. The number of similar meals in a day is frequent reaches 5, and even 10. If to summarize the calories received at having a snack the enormous quantity will turn out! How to overcome this harmful office habit? We will begin with simple. The first that needs to be made, it to clean desktop boxes from the chocolates hidden there, candies, bagels, cookies, crackers and other harmful vkusnyashka. Further all depends at most will. At many offices the table d'hote is traditionally "decorated" with various goodies. Passing by it, it is very heavy to overcome temptation to give a hand and to take something. For this purpose it is always necessary to hold near at hand a small bottle with pure drinking water. There was desire to have a bite? Take couple of sips, they will definitely not add excess centimeters. Soothing the sredstvona to work, as we know, doesn't do without nervous tension. High emotional loading fights appetite off some girls at all, but such it isn't enough. All others (is more often subconsciously) just jam a stress, and then can't understand in any way from where these extra kilos undertook. How to avoid it? It is necessary to learn to perceive differently unpleasant situations, in a different way to react to them. To calm down, it is possible to leave and walk down the street and if the chief forbids to leave the building in working hours, so to walk along the corridor. One more reliable method is to plunge into work entirely. And in such which demands the maximum concentration of attention. What to do if the above ways don't help? Jamming of a stress – a serious problem, and not everyone is capable to get rid of it without assistance. Those who didn't manage it have only exit – to address experienced psychologists and nutritionists. They will prompt how to keep a figure and health.

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