Food of the nursing mother"

Food of the nursing mother"

of the child – very important process at which there is a sincere and physiological interaction of mother and kid. At this moment the children's organism receives all necessary nutrients which provide it the correct growth and normal development with milk. Therefore the nursing mother needs to observe a certain mode:

  • Quiet way of life
  • Full-fledged dream
  • Walks in the fresh air
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Work-rest schedule (without overfatigue)

These factors promote normal formation of maternal milk. However, despite observance of the correct mode, the quantity and structure of milk can change. A major factor is mother's food which has to be not too plentiful, but increased as the child needs more nutrients. It is recommended to accept more liquids as milk of feeding consists of 85% of water, but you should not abuse it as overconsumption leads to the increased sweating and urination.

As well as for any organism – the food allowance of the nursing mother has to join sources of vitamins. Fresh fruit, vegetables and berries concern them. It is useful to use vegetable soups, the mixed salads without addition of mayonnaise and saturated vegetable oils, porridges, dishes with vegetable garnishes. It is not recommended to eat heavy food which usually is digested too long.

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It is necessary to exclude for the period of feeding all addictions which can harmful affect health of the child – consumption of alcoholic drinks, smoking, abuse salty and bitter. Beer which in big percent passes into breast milk is especially harmful.

There are no contraindications to feeding usually, except a serious illness – diseases of blood, tuberculosis or malignant tumors. But it is a rarity, interfere with feeding more often various inflammations and cracks of a chest nipple at which there is severe pain. At the same time it is recommended to stop feeding and to see a doctor who will appoint the corresponding treatment.

Eliminate all factors which can prevent a healthy physiological sleep. In anabiosis there is a restoration of functions of an organism and strengthening of immunity. For a good dream walks in the fresh air (15-20 minutes), a hot shower and foot bathtubs are recommended. How to lay down in a bed, it is not recommended to eat food, to play sports and to have coffee. Hypnotic drugs are accepted in the presence of insomnia or nervous tension.

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