Food on the Nativity Fast without harm for health

Food on the Nativity Fast without harm for health

The Nativity Fast – the last multi-day post in a year. It lasts 40 days and comes to an end with the Great holiday – Christmas with Christoff. During the period the consumption of eggs, meat and dairy products and also alcoholic drinks is forbidden from November 25 to January 6. The people having chronic diseases can not always fast. Therefore not to do much harm to health, it is desirable to make the decision on a post taking into account opinion of the medical officer and blessing of the priest.

1. That the post didn't become a stress for an organism, food has to be reasonable and balanced. The main task of fasting – not to allow proteinaceous deficiency. Therefore by drawing up a lenten menu much attention needs to be paid to the products containing vegetable protein (bean, soy, mushrooms, nuts).2. It is necessary to prepare for a post in advance. Therefore approximately in two weeks prior to its beginning try to pass to light food, avoiding fat products.3. On Wednesdays and Fridays, that is in days of xerophagia (prohibition on taste of the cooked food) place emphasis on nuts, fruit, vegetables and bread with bran.

4. Surely eat fish those days when the use of fish products (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday during the period from November 28 to January 1).5 is allowed. For normal work of digestive tract at a diet there have to be first courses. Therefore cook mushroom and vegetable soups.

6. To avoid a depression don't forget about a dessert. In a post the simple food demanding the minimum processing and preparation is appreciated. Therefore as a dessert dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes, dates, a fig, banana figs) and also medical 7 are ideal. If the lenten menu is varied and balanced, then the post positively will affect your health, having provided clarification of an organism and having enriched it with vitamins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team