Food which treats: how to lose weight and get healthier calculation of calories

Food which treats: how to lose weight and get healthier calculation of calories

Diets, from the simplest to exotic, presently you won't surprise anybody any more. But to this day the calculation of caloric content of dishes checked by generations remains to the most effective and available. It is necessary to know only a few simple rules.

The question as lose weight and "squeeze" into tough standards of beauty, sets today equally representatives of both sexes. The most optimum and effective way to get rid of hated kilograms – to change the caloric content of a daily diet. It would seem, everything is quite simple, but as practice shows, it is correct calculate calories not everyone can

At any product the individual caloric content. In fact, it nothing but amount of energy which comes to a human body with the use of a certain food. When the diet on power indicators is higher, than expenses of the real forces of the person, unspent "fuel" accumulates on a body and internals. That not to allow it, it is necessary to watch with special care the caloric content of own food. Often tiresome calculation and weighing of each tidbit allows not just to become more harmonious, but also it is essential to restore health.

The value of a product is measured in kilocalories. Hundred grams of a product undertake an average value.

First of all it is necessary to decide on the caloric content of the general diet. For each person it is individual: it depends not only on the weight and age, but also the sphere in which the person works. So, the representative of the weak half of mankind earning by mental activity requires about 2000 kcal. The person is younger, the he can use less calories without prejudice to health and health. For teenagers or people whose work is connected with physical activities, the border of caloric content varies from 2500 to 3000 kcal.

Further it is possible to start calculation by the caloric content of own diet per day. On the Internet now the mass of useful, simple and convenient resources: it is only necessary to choose the name of ingredient and weight of a portion.

Also it is necessary to remember that in all similar tables the energy value of a product in the raw is given. It is necessary to weigh any food before its preparation, especially if it is grain or meat: increase or reduction of mass of a product after heat treatment – property of the product, and it doesn't influence caloric content in any way. 

At first it is worth keeping a diary of food. It is only at first sight a thing useless. Actually, writing down eaten, it is possible to see on a real example where you go to far and that it is necessary to add to a diet. Gradually it will log in, and need for constant calculation will disappear. 

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