For what it is necessary and than is useful kerob?

For what it is necessary and than is useful kerob?

Fans of chocolate and drink of cocoa which for one reason or another should limit themselves in favourite products can breathe a sigh of relief. In the nature there is a useful and not conceding on tastes cocoa powder substitute.

Today we will get acquainted with keroby, we will discuss its structure and useful properties.

What is it?

Trees of a carob tree (tseratoniya) which of beans receive kerob grow in the countries of the Mediterranean, in warm climate. These are evergreen plants up to 12 meters height, with wide krone and densely growing leaves.

The dried-up beans or pods processed in powder are called keroby. Pods and seeds are used in medicine, cookery, in the food industry, seeds add to a forage to a livestock.

Learn whether it is worth including in the diet and other representatives bean, such as: beans mung (mash), peas, lentil, haricot white, red and siliculose, chick-pea, tamarind and of course soy.

Forms of a kerob

Kerob it is possible to get in the form of the whole pods, powder and syrup.

In pods

Pods remind a form haricot pods, same extended in length, cellular inside. Length of a pod is up to 25 cm, width — up to 4 cm. They do not reveal by itself, except seeds contain dense pulp. Fresh — green color, when drying become black and gain sweet in taste. Fresh fruits are no good in food, and dry break on pieces and mill in powder, or do more rough grinding for cooking of drink. They, by the way, can be cooked in a cezve as coffee beans. At a break the crude pod exudes a light smell of yeast, dry smells as cocoa.

In powder

Carob tree fruits for receiving powder dry in the natural way, in the sun. It is possible to find the crude, poorly fried and well fried powders in sale, they differ in flavoring characteristics and color.

Crude powder has light color, in taste there are practically no chocolate notes; the fried product, depending on duration of heat treatment, color of coffee with milk or dark brown, in taste is felt sourness and bitterness of natural chocolate. Unlike powder of cocoa beans, kerob sweet, with viscous taste.

In syrup

From long beans of a tseratoniya on ancient technologies cook syrup: pods weary about four hours on fire, then strain off pulp therefore it turns out dense, sweet, with coffee smack syrup. It is, of course, not all technology, but at production of a product no foreign additives are used - it is absolutely natural product.

Important! To children syrup is given to diluted, it is obligatory from trial small portions to be convinced of absence of an allergy to components. Intake of syrup by the child should be coordinated with the pediatrician.

Thanks to its purity from chemical additives, it suits for the use to children, since a year of life and also to pregnant women and the feeding mothers.

We study structure

The structure of a kerob is rich with substances, useful to an organism: the tannic connections, pectins, antioxidants, organic acids, food fibers saturated with fatty acids. Besides, the structure is saturated with vitamins and minerals.


AND, B1, B2, B3, C, E, D, PP.

Mineral substances

Macrocells: magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium. Minerals: copper, manganese, barium, selenium, iron, nickel.

It will be useful for you to learn about value and a role of minerals in a human body.

Caloric content and nutrition value

  • Proteins — 2.4 g.
  • Fats — 0.3 g.
  • Carbohydrates — 28 g.
  • Caloric content of a kerob — 222 kcal on 100 g of powder.

In what advantage

In the medical purposes the product shows such properties:

  • connects and removes toxins;
  • improves processes of digestion of food;
  • normalizes a dream;
  • calms nervous system;
  • creates healthy microflora in intestines;
  • regulates exchange processes;
  • stabilizes pressure;
  • strengthens cardiovascular and immune systems;
  • possesses the expectorant and diluting action at treatment of cough;
  • helps at anemia;
  • lowers cholesterol level;
  • improves appetite;
  • has diuretic effect;
  • improves quality of semen at men;
  • eliminates mouth infections;
  • promotes healing of wounds;
  • helps with treatment of skin rashes, pimples;
  • improves a condition of skin and hair.

Whether you know? Seeds of a tseratoniya have the stable weight, about 0.2 grams. This property was used by dealers of antiquity as a weight. For example, ancient Romans used seeds as weights for weighing of gemstones. From the name tseratoniya there was also a word carat.

Whether there is a harm

There are no data on contraindications or harmful properties of a product. Considering rich structure, it is necessary to begin the use with small portions to be convinced of absence of an allergy to any components. It is not necessary to abuse reception to diabetics as kerob sweet, the same concerns people with an excess weight.

As it is correct to choose and where it is possible to buy kerob

The product is popular around the world therefore it is not difficult to find it in our retail chain stores. It can be in shops with spices, tea, in supermarket in department of dietary food, in shops of products for vegetarians. It is recommended to buy the crude, not fried powder, or pods which can be processed in house conditions. Pay attention to the manufacturing country: let's remind that the tseratoniya grows in the countries of the Mediterranean, importers are Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Turkey.

Whether you know? According to bible legends, John the Baptist leading an ascetic life in the desert ate carob tree beans. This fact is displayed in the Encyclopedia of 1901 of release under Brockhaus and Efron's authorship. Residents of Germany long since call beans of a kerob Ioannovy bread.

How to prepare and what it is combined kerob with: rules of the use

Powder has a wide range of application in cookery:

  • candies, glaze, paste, condensed milk, cream, ice cream;
  • cakes, cakes, cookies, wafers;
  • pudding, mousse, sweet processed cheese, chocolate;
  • various drinks and cocktails;
  • shavings and powder are used for decoration of desserts.

Couple more of councils: adding to dough, powder needs to be sifted to avoid lumps; the amount of flour at the same time decreases, kerob — good thickener.

Important! Consider, powder of pods is much lighter than cocoa powder, at house crushing in flour it is better to use the closed tanks, for example, the coffee grinder.

Powder is perfectly combined with fruit, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese and cheeses (mascarpone), with milk, spices and many other products.

Recipe of rolls:

  • bananas — 2 pieces;
  • rye flour — 200 g;
  • kerob (powder) — 2 tablespoons;
  • baking powder — 0.5 tsps;
  • honey — 1 tablespoon;
  • cinnamon — 1 tsp;
  • sesame — about 30 g;
  • salt — on a knife tip.

To mash bananas in puree, to add other ingredients, except flour, to vent carefully. Then portions to add flour, kneading dough a spoon. Dough will turn out viscous and will stick to hands. To moisten hands in cold water and to form identical balls from the test. To lay out them on the baking sheet covered with parchment, to strew with sesame, to bake at a temperature of 180 °C of thirty minutes.

Milk spicy cocktail:

  • milk — 500 ml;
  • cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla — on 0.5 tsps;
  • kerob — 2 tablespoons of syrup.

We advise you it is useful to read what: almond, poppy, oat and baked milk.

Warm up milk, without bringing it to boiling, pour in syrup and, easily shaking up a nimbus, bring to boiling. Remove from fire, add some spice, without stopping working with a nimbus.

Kerob or cocoa: that it is better

At chocolate from cocoa beans there is oxalic acid which in an organic look is useful to an organism. However chocolate at production is exposed to heat treatment, and the organic form of acid passes into inorganic.

Bitter chocolate is considered high-calorific delicacy, to that it is done by the sugar and cocoa butter which are contained in it.

Cocoa drink is also cooked on fire. In 100 g of chocolate 120 mg of substance, contain in dry powder of 625 mg on 100 g, and safe consider the use of 50 mg on 100 g of a product. Inorganic oxalic acid connects calcium and increases risk of formation of stones in kidneys.

At cocoa there is also a caffeine therefore in a number of problems with health drink and products from cocoa beans are contraindicated, or their use should be reduced considerably. Cocoa and chocolate are not desirable in large numbers to the cores suffering from inflammatory processes in bodies of a GIT (gastritis, an ulcer and other), to hypertensive persons. The product is forbidden to the use on deadlines for pregnancy.

In a large number caffeine contains in usual and green coffee, and even in green tea. It is desirable not to take such drinks on an empty stomach.

Chocolate from cocoa beans in hundred grams of a product contains 549 calories that is harmful to people with an excess weight.

As opposed to cocoa, kerob does not contain in the structure the above-mentioned elements prepared on its basis desserts and drinks differ much in smaller caloric content, have no contraindications to the use. Besides, the people having an allergy to products from cocoa beans can enjoy nevertheless their taste, using similar carob tree beans products.

So, we were convinced that fruits of a carob tree have a set of merits. They can not only act as effective substitute of cocoa beans, but also to serve as an independent, tasty and useful dish. And that to try it, not obligatory to go to far-away countries at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team