Friendly sit-round gathering: quick desserts

Friendly sit-round gathering: quick desserts

If suddenly on tea friends appeared suddenly, and you to it have nothing, don't panic. Recipes of fast and tasty desserts which can be prepared at the minimum expenses of time and products, but which at the same time won't leave your guests indifferent will come to the rescue.

Apples dessert

Very tasty and fast dessert, at the same time also useful, especially if to replace sugar with honey.

It will be necessary for you:

- apples – on number of guests; - sugar or honey – 1-2 tsps on apple; - cowberry, a cranberry or other berries – 0.5-1 glass (a); - cinnamon – to taste. Wash apples and dry up paper towels. Cut out a core with stones from fruit so that not to damage the lower part with "tail". Fill apples with the chosen berries, sugar or water with honey, add cinnamon. Put on a baking tray and bake in the oven of 10-15 minutes warmed to 180o-200os.

Fruit "cocktail"

Natural and tasty dessert if you prepare it in the summer – it will refresh and will load with energy and if in the winter – reminds of sunny days. It will be necessary for you: - kiwis – 3-4 pieces; - bananas – 2 pieces; - strawberry (even frozen will approach) – 1.5-2 glasses. In turn shake up fruit in the blender and layers lay out in the prepared ice-cream bowls or in glasses for Martini. At will it is possible to decorate with whipped cream and even to add them between layers of fruit.

Fruit yogurt cakes

It will be necessary for you: - yogurt without additives – on 0.5 glasses on each guest; - sugar – to taste; - any fruit, it is possible to combine – 3-4 pieces - sweet cookies – for giving of density to yogurt and for decoration of cakes, to taste. Mix yogurt with sugar to uniformity, cut medium-sized pieces fruit and add to weight. Crumb cookies or crush in the blender as it is possible more small and add to fruit and yogurt mix. The more you will add cookies, the more dense weight will turn out and the it will be better to hold a form. Take the prepared pialka or glasses, cover them food wrap and lay out mix, then the fast movement turn and skim. Give the necessary form as necessary. From above decorate the turned-out cakes with a cookies crumb, if desired it is possible to add nuts or the remained pieces of fruit.

Fast cake ice cream

It will be necessary for you: - strawberry – 300 g; - icing sugar – 55 g; - cream – 300 ml; - strawberry yogurt – 300 ml; - marshmallows or marshmallows – 30 g. Wash strawberry, clean from tails and by means of a fork knead with icing sugar. Mix berries with slightly whipped cream and yogurt, add marshmallows or marshmallows. Put in the freezer for 1 hour. Then you can give.

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