From what do drink a mat?

From what do drink a mat?

Calabash is a pumpkin vessel for drink the Mat (an accent on the first syllable), traditional for Latin America.

The people of the gaucho instead of ware used the small pumpkins cleaned and dried up in the sun. As pumpkins have the different size, gauchos adapted them and for storage of products, grain and water.

For production of kalabas chose the smallest pumpkins. Over time kalabasa began to make of a tree, to decorate with metal and a carving. And though it is possible to meet kalabasa from glass, ceramics, a tree, metal and even from plastic now, pumpkin Calabash is a classical and most popular vessel for the Mat. 

Mat drink by means of a bomizhya or bombillas (Spanish option) are a special tubule. Right at the beginning bobizh did of thin hollow trunks of plants. Now they are made of metal and silver. Bombizhya can be direct and curved. In the lower part of a bombizhya there is a special filter similar to a strainer in order that leaves of infusion didn't get into a mouth, the top part of a tubule – a mouthpiece - often gilded or silver. Bombizhya and a kalabasa – generally become manually real masters therefore everyone is in own way unique.

Pumpkin Calabash demands to itself bigger care, it needs to be cleaned from time to time in the special way that on walls the mold didn't appear. Otherwise the Mat will be already unhealthy drink. To clean pumpkin Calabash, heat a teaspoon on a candle flame, for example, then scratch out it a blanket of internal walls. At due leaving Calabash will serve long, and Yerba Mate infusion will give forces and to please with the unique taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team