Fruit drink from a sea-buckthorn: recipe, properties, advantage

Fruit drink from a sea-buckthorn: recipe, properties, advantage

People I know more than one thousand years about useful properties of a sea-buckthorn. It is used both in medicine, and in cosmetology. Berries of a sea-buckthorn have unique structure. But there is a lot of it not to eat in pure form. Fruit drink from a sea-buckthorn — the most optimal variant. It is the great drink having a pleasant flavor and capable to sate an organism with useful minerals. The main thing — is correct to prepare it.

Advantage of a sea-buckthorn

Thanks to the unique structure the sea-buckthorn is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. The most popular element is sea-buckthorn oil. It is capable to slow down aging of skin and to accelerate its regeneration at wounds. Besides the sea-buckthorn is used in the following cases:

  • For improvement of sight and disposal of feeling of dryness in eyes;
  • For treatment of arthroses. It is applied as orally, and in the form of compresses and ointment;
  • Thanks to ability to destroy cholesterol the sea-buckthorn is used as prevention of contamination of vessels. Also the sea-buckthorn is capable to lower pressure and to reduce risk of appearance of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Antibacterial properties of a sea-buckthorn are widely known. It is used as fruit drinks and broths at catarrhal and viral diseases of the upper airways;
  • Sea-buckthorn berries in the form of broths and fruit drinks are capable to save from locks. Also they favorably influence a GIT and have antiulcer properties;
  • Oil of a sea-buckthorn is often used in gynecology at treatment of an erosion and inflammations;
  • Constant consumption of compotes and fruit drinks from a sea-buckthorn is capable to strengthen immunity.

How to collect a sea-buckthorn

Berries for fruit drink should be picked only in dry weather. They have to be ripe, have saturated color and with ease to separate from a branch. Sometimes at an obryvaniye the integrity of a sea-buckthorn is broken. Many in that case cut off or break off branches entirely. But it is better not to spoil a bush, and to take cuticle scissors and to carefully cut off berries from a bush in a container. The sea-buckthorn should be washed only before direct use.

If berries are bought in the market, then it is necessary to pay attention to their presentation. They shouldn't be immature or burst with the appeared juice at all. If the frozen products are bought, then it is worth paying attention to integrity of a container, an expiration date and storage conditions. 

Recipe for fruit drink from a sea-buckthorn

It is quite simple to make fruit drink from a sea-buckthorn. Clean a sea-buckthorn from the got leaves and tails. It can be done very quickly, using cuticle scissors. It is enough to clean about 100 g of berries thus. Further it is necessary to crush berry to homogeneous mass. It is the simplest to make it the blender, but if it is absent, then it is possible just to pound berry a masher to a condition of jelly. Fill in the turned-out weight of 300 ml of hot boiled water. At will it is possible to add honey. Drink needs to allow to infuse. For this purpose 15 min. there are enough. It is necessary only to filter fruit drink and to pour on glasses. Such drink is the most vitamin-rich. It is optimum to do fruit drink when thirst torments and there is a wish to sate quickly the organism useful macro and minerals. The remains of drink it is possible to keep short time in the fridge. But all is better to drink in 1 day. 

To prepare fruit drink from a sea-buckthorn for the winter, it is necessary to subject berries to thermal treatment. Of course, from such drink it is less advantage, than from freshly squeezed, but it all the same is. 

Preparation of drink requires 2 kg of the cleaned and washed out sea-buckthorn. It needs to be passed via the juice extractor. Cake can be necessary for preparation of sea-buckthorn oil, and here juice needs to be poured in the clean enameled pan and to put on a plate. It is necessary to wait for boiling and to switch off a plate. Syrup needs to be rolled up in pure form in previously sterilized banks and to wrap up in towels. In the winter before the use the banks need to be shaken up. From above sea-buckthorn oil which needs to be distributed evenly on all product can accumulate. Dilute drink with water and add sugar to taste that fruit drink turned out not only useful, but also tasty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team