Fruit in zephyrous cream

Fruit in zephyrous cream

Fruit in zephyrous cream are a gentle dessert with sweet-sour smack. Surely try it!

It is required to you

  • - marshmallows, 2 pieces on 70 g;
  • - cream, 200 ml;
  • - strawberry, a kiwi, on 200 g;
  • - chocolate.


1. Break marshmallows on pieces, put in the blender, pour in cream. Properly shake up to homogeneous mass.

2. Cut strawberry on quarters, clean a kiwi, cut into cubes.

3. Lay out strawberry in an ice-cream bowl in one layer. Water with cream that it completely covered strawberry. Lay out from above a kiwi, again water with cream.

4. It was necessary to strew the turned-out dessert with shabby chocolate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team