Funcheza: caloric content, advantage, ways of preparation

Funcheza: caloric content, advantage, ways of preparation

Cellophane noodles – the transparent fine noodle made of rice or other types of flour. This product is considered an optimum garnish thanks to property of cellophane noodles to quickly absorb all tastes and aromas of dishes.

Cellophane noodles caloric content

Cellophane noodles are considered just a find for the people seeking to lose weight. The boiled state in 100 grams of these noodles contains only 87 kilocalories.

Besides, in the dishes prepared with this ingredient high-calorie products, as a rule, aren't used. With use of cellophane noodles cook dietary salads. Noodles are served as a garnish for the boiled or baked fish or meat.

Useful properties

Noodles cellophane noodles are known for the richness of useful substances. It contains a large amount of vitamin B which positively influences strengthening of nervous system. Also cellophane noodles contain RR, E vitamins, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, phosphorus.

Regularly using cellophane noodles, the person provides normal functioning of the organism. The complex carbohydrates which are available as a part of these noodles provide with energy muscular tissues of an organism. The amino acids which are contained in cellophane noodles promote creation of new cages.

Way of preparation of cellophane noodles

At preparation of these noodles most national cuisines tries to keep natural aroma of a product. Therefore it is possible not to add various mixes of spices and seasonings. Many cooks don't even salt cellophane noodles. To make these noodles, it is enough to lay out of it in the boiling water and to leave to cook for 3-4 minutes. When cellophane noodles are ready, it is necessary to wash it a baking plate with cold water. It is also possible to fry quickly it after cooking.

Mushroom soup with cellophane noodles

This soup turns out dense and fragrant. And thanks to the used ingredients, this dish is considered very useful. For preparation of a dish it will be required to you: - cellophane noodles – 150 g; - carrots – 1 piece; - onions – 1 piece; - garlic – 4 cloves; - tomato – 1 piece; - oyster mushrooms – 250 g; - vegetable oil – 3 tablespoons; - a soy-bean sauce – 4 tablespoons; - salt. Cut onions half rings. Grate carrots through a large grater. Cut in cubes tomato. Carefully wash up mushrooms and cut with thin slices. Heat a frying pan, pour in vegetable oil and lay out vegetables and mushrooms. Leave to be fried on average fire. Pour in a soy-bean sauce. Add the crushed garlic. In a couple of minutes the subfrying is ready. Pour water in a pan and bring to the boil. When water in a pan begins to boil, add the prepared vegetable subfrying and leave to cook for two-five minutes. Lay out in a pan with vegetables cellophane noodles and boil soup within five minutes. If necessary you can add salt.

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