Garlic for men: what vitamins contain, than is useful as affects potency

Garlic for men: what vitamins contain, than is useful as affects potency

The kitchen garden is not only a way to fill up food stocks. Many of cultures habitual to all can quite be considered as medicinal (certainly, at competent use). Men often are interested in what the advantage for their health which any given plant can give is specifically shown. Let's consider it on the example of one of the most effective types, namely garlic.

What contains in structure

Useful properties of any product are defined by its contents. We learn with what substances and connections garlic is rich.

Caloric content is at 100 grams

This figure averages 149 kcal. The indicator can change a little depending on the place of cultivation and leaving.


In a triad proteins-fats-carbohydrates superiority behind the last — about 30 g / 100 of lump. Proteins — 6.5 g, and fats of only 0.5 g.

If to look at other nutritious components, then on the general background water — 60 g will be emitted. Ashes with food fibers much less, on 1.5 g. A share of organic acids — 0.1 g.

Vitamins, macro - and minerals

Among vitamin substances act as main it is well-cared, it is B4, in number of 23.2 mg / 100, and ascorbic acid (C) in a dose of 10 mg. Except them are present at structure:

  • nicotinic acid (niatsin, PP, B3) — 2.8 mg;
  • other substances of group B with indexes 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 in a total share of 2.4-2.5 mg;
  • vitamin E — 0.3 mg;
  • fillokhinon (vitamin K) — 1.7 mkg.

Important! The peeled garlic gloves usually store in the tight containers placed in the freezer — useful connections so keep.

In structure of macrocells as the main mineral potassium — 260 mg acts. Calcium in garlic of 180 mg. Phosphorus closes the leading three: its contents — 100 mg. Magnesium with chlorine equally — on 30 mg, and sodium of only 17 mg.

Their action is supported with a number of minerals among which are designated:

  • iron — 1.5 mg;
  • zinc — 1 mg;
  • manganese — 0.8 mg;
  • copper — 130 mkg;
  • selenium — 14.2 mkg;
  • the iodine and cobalt playing a role of the fixing substances are present at equal shares — 9 mkg.

Than garlic is useful to the man's organism

Already one acquaintance to the content of garlic is enough to understand — it quite deservedly is considered one of the most useful products. Logical would be to learn in what valuable properties of this plant for a male body are specifically shown.

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For strengthening of immunity

All know that garlic acts as a powerful natural immunomodulator. At the expense of protein its teeth at reception intensify development of antibodies, thereby strengthening protective properties of an organism. Moreover, they have powerful antibacterial effect which amplifies presence of phytoncides: they are toxic for viruses and bacteria and are safe for normal microflora.

Whether you know? The first began to cultivate garlic the people of the Indian peninsula more than 5 thousand years ago. And long time it was considered as especially curative plant — the cause is a smell.

For normalization of potency and health of an urinogenital system

This product is quite strong aphrodisiac that allows to restore potency and to support erectile abilities. The fact is that at consumption of garlic the blood circulation in cavernous bodies on which work of a genital depends amplifies. In parallel the quality of sperm and mobility of gametes increases.

Garlic segments — the integral attribute of prevention of infertility and prostate cancer. Blocking infections, they twice reduce risk of appearance of such diseases.

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For normalization of arterial blood pressure

The plant is famous the for hypotonic effect — expanding the vessels which are contained in it substances reduce pressure. One of such components (adzhoyen) dilutes blood and regulates circulation of platelets, thereby interfering with appearance of blood clots.

For heart

Garlic significantly reduces the probability of development of polytypic heart attacks and strokes. It is a merit of the same adzhoyen strengthened by other substances — working together, they do not allow platelets to be closed. As a result heart receives the blood volume necessary for its normal work.

But also it is not all: enzyme allitsin can reduce noticeably the level of the excess cholesterol creating additional loads of a cardiac muscle. However, such effect will be short-term (3-4 months).

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For brain activity

Garlic maintains balance of brain cages and stimulates emergence of new. Especially it is useful for elderly men — with age the number of neurons decreases a little.

Important! The excessive use is capable to cause desynchronization of brain waves that leads to concentration loss.

Besides, at regular reception, vessels of a brain are cleaned and emergence of atherosclerotic plaques is prevented. In addition memory improves, thought processes accelerate.

For nervous system

Nervous cages, working in the conditions of a stress or an overstrain, gradually die off. This process can be suspended by means of garlic.

At it there is a thiamine (B1) which intensifies production of glucose that well influences power exchange of a cellular layer of central nervous system. Thus the main functions of nervous system are supported and symptoms of its exhaustion are removed.

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For digestion and a liver

The product neutralizes causative agents of intestinal infections and parasites and also helps a stomach to acquire heavy food like meat.

At the same time production of bile is stimulated: having got into a liver, such substance brings the fats which accumulated there out of a vital. That is with the participation of an allitsin and other garlic enzymes the state and a liver, and biliary tract improves.

For muscle bulk

Allitsin together with sulfur-containing substances (dialilla) helps to add the mass of muscles.

Whether you know? One of delicacies of Asian cuisine — garlic heads, fermented at high temperature, which after processing get a black color.

Practice shows that 1 zubochka of the garlic eaten before a training is enough for growth of muscle fibers: so strengthen production of testosterone, and the cortisol which is responsible for a fat layer is blocked at the same time.

For joints

Many substances which are a part of bulbs participate in methionine generation. This element is necessary for normal work of joints and cartilages — prevention of arthritis and osteoporosis is available.

Also garlic restores blood circulation in the injured joints, removes hypostases and stops pains.

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Rules of the use

It is possible to derive from so valuable product at most of benefit only at competent reception. Consumption of garlic is connected with several nuances which are desirable for considering.

In what half of day it is better to eat

Optimum time is a morning. At this moment of a bacterium are most vulnerable and if to eat a segment on an empty stomach, then the curative effect will only amplify: the main bodies come to a tone, blood is purified.

But gastroenterologists note that garlic on a hungry stomach can cause heartburn, and recommend to accept it during a breakfast. It will stimulate appetite and will provide inflow of useful substances.

Garlic is washed down surely with water in moderate volumes — a large amount of liquid will slow down its assimilation.

Norm in day

The dosage for men provides reception of 1-3 segments per day (in several approaches).

Important! It is taken into account and the size of heads: for example, instead of 2 large cloves it is possible to eat 3 averages or 4 from among the smallest.

Pay attention that the concrete norm is selected individually, with a careful eye to health and reaction of an organism. Begin with small: on a half since morning and during the day. If everything passed normally, it is possible to take already on 1 clove.

Has value and the nature of loadings: the athletes and people occupied with hard physical work before works with weights can take on one segment.

Where add and what it is combined with

Garlic in reasonable quantities can be added practically to any dishes, and porridges from cereals and pilaf turn out especially tasty. This ingredient and as a part of juicy sauces or fresh salads is quite good. It is ideal additive for vegetables and fried meat which is usually used at the end of cooking — the taste and nutrients so remains. And here mushrooms, fish and milk are not combined with garlic.

As it is possible to kill a smell

Smell it becomes frequent a reason for refusal of consumption of garlic, despite all its advantage.

Whether you know? Ancient Greece considered garlic the king of spices.

Careful toothbrushing after reception helps to get rid of sharp notes. Best of all the smell is forced down by pastes with neutral aroma.

There are also other methods:

  • to use chewing gum, it is desirable with neutral taste, for example, a lemon — the strong mint component, on the contrary, will only emphasize an unpleasant smell;
  • to drink a little fresh juice of a lemon or a lime;
  • to make and drink a cup of green tea;
  • to drink a little water during meal that too will soften aroma;
  • to eat apple which will refresh breath.

The popular national method is to drink milk to neutralize a smell, suits not everyone: difficulties in work of a stomach are not excluded (as short-term diarrhea). And here to rinse them a mouth quite perhaps.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Garlic appears in huge number of different recipes. Let's stop on the simplest and effective.

For improvement of potency

It is the simplest to take 1 kg of the crushed cloves and to fill in them 0.5 l of vodka. Having densely closed capacity, let's infuse week in the dark place. After that tincture can be not decanted.

Reception — on 1 tablespoon, 3 times a day to food.

There is also faster method of obtaining medical structure:

  • having chosen all segments from the cleaned head, they are cut lengthways on two parts;
  • this preparation is put in bank, there fill in vodka or the alcohol (300 ml) diluted up to 40%;
  • capacity stand in the dark corner for 3 days, with obligatory decantation after this term.

It is necessary to use such means in the same doses and too three times a day before meal. It is stored in the fridge.

Important! Prior to the beginning of such course of treatment surely coordinate reception of self-made means with the doctor.

At flu and cold

For fight against flu garlic is taken without special processing, for example:

  • having mixed 2-3 ground heads with 1 tablespoon of honey and having eaten the received weight;
  • having added the same quantity in a half-glass of warm water and having immediately drunk mix in several drinks;
  • having made warm ginger and honey tea with addition of the ground garlic;
  • eating a piece of the bread which is carefully grated with 1-2 cloves.

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The recipe with application of any vegetable oil will help to get rid of cold, but the best will be olive. Fill in with it 3-4 crushed cloves. Mix is kept 1 hour, and then accept 1 tsp.

Whether you know? Garlic, as well as onions, is toxic for pets — dogs and cats.

We do not forget also about a popular compress:

  • 2 crushed cloves mix with 1 tsp of pork fat;
  • homogeneous mass is applied on a foot. They are wound with polyethylene and from above put on woolen socks;
  • the compress is put on all night long.

At a toothache

The clove is cut lengthways, and the inside is put to a hand in the place where grope pulse. Are guided by position of tooth: from what party it hurts, to that hand and put.

In 20-30 minutes the pain will begin to cease noticeably.

At hemorrhoids

External form of hemorrhoids treat by means of ointment:

  • 200 g of garlic clean and crush;
  • after that 1 tsp of honey and milk (1/4 glasses) is added;
  • container with mix is heated on small fire before solidification;
  • ointment is pounded to a uniform layer and insisted 3 hours;
  • further it is possible to moisten a tampon and to put it for the night or at once to grease problem knot.

The baths suitable for internal and external forms are more universal. For warm water (5 l) there will be enough crushed head. The inflamed areas immerse on 10, at most 15, minutes.

Important! It is better for steam of approaches to limit the first on time to track as the organism (and in particular, a rectum) will react to such bathtubs.

The procedure repeats every day until the health improves.

From warts

The cut cloves which they process warts perfectly cope with this phenomenon. Such manipulation can be carried out and several times in day. If on it there is no time, there is other exit: for the night to the necessary site attach the bandage which is plentifully moistened with garlic gruel.

From baldness

There is a simple method — rubbing in in head skin of the cleaned cloves which at the same time have to emit juice: it is not washed away within 9-10 minutes.

For fixing of effect an hour later it is possible to take mix from several drops of olive oil and lavrovishnevy water in equal shares. This structure is caused with the massing movements 2 times a day — since morning and before going to bed.

Olive oil — very popular ingredient of various masks for hair.

Also there is such effective recipe:

  • two cut cloves crush and fill up in 0.5 l of vodka, insist;
  • after 2 days, liquid is decanted and add a glass of fresh color of a burdock there. Further mix is left to infuse within 5 days;
  • then it is necessary to decant everything through a dense gauze and to start processing.

Head skin is moistened with this means only in the evening, within a month.

Contraindications and harm

At all the advantage garlic has many contraindications.

Its use is forbidden to people for whom are diagnosed:

  • intolerance of a product or allergic reactions to its reception — it can turn back anaphylactic shock;
  • asthma;
  • gastritis;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • colitis or enterokolit (irrespective of a form and dynamics);
  • nephrite;
  • hepatitis of any type;
  • epilepsy at which the severe attack is very probable.

Whether you know? In the USA the garlic Festival is annually held.

As for harm, it is connected generally with the excessive use. In such situation manifestations of absent-mindedness, dizziness or a severe headache, nausea or vomiting are possible. At the wrong external application for people to sensitive skin there can be a burn. It will be superficial, but nevertheless the discomfort is notable.


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