"Garlic for women: how many calories and what vitamins contain what it is useful to for whom it is impossible

"Garlic for women: how many calories and what vitamins contain what it is useful to for whom it is impossible

Garlic — culture, habitual for us, the frequent guest in kitchen as hot and spicy spice to various dishes. Many are also informed on curative properties of this vegetable, but not everyone heard that it can be used also in the cosmetic purposes — especially interesting the last will be for a fine half of mankind.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Caloric content on hundred grams of a product — 149 kcal.

Nutritious and useful substances in garlic are presented in the following form:

  • proteins — 6.4 g;
  • fats — 0.5 g;
  • carbohydrates — 33.06 g;
  • water — 58.58 g;
  • ashes — 1.5 g;
  • food fibers — 2.1 g;
  • vitamins: beta carotene, B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B9, C, E, K, PP;
  • carotinoids: lutein, zeaxanthin;
  • macrocells: potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus;
  • minerals: iron, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, sulfur;
  • irreplaceable acids: arginine, tryptophane, isoleucine, lysine, methionine;
  • fatty acids: omega-3, omega-6;
  • other acids: glutamic, asparaginic, glycine, olein, palmitic, linoleic;
  • phytoncides;
  • essential oil.

Than garlic is useful to the woman's organism

Vegetable has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antihistaminic, antiviral properties. The regular use of a product will serve as prevention against many diseases of various systems of an organism.

For strengthening of immunity

Active agents as a part of a plant are capable to kill cages of pathogenic microorganisms, to create an adverse environment for their life. Vitamins and minerals increase ability to resist viruses and infections, increase vitality, promote development of antibodies to bacteria and viruses.

Whether you know? Doctors of Ancient Greece used garlic as anesthesia: juice of cloves was mixed with an opium extract from poppy grains and wine and before surgical intervention given to the patient. After juice impregnated bandages to warn wound infection with infections.

For a cardiovascular system

The product reduces cholesterol level, increases elasticity of vessels, cleans them. Minerals and vitamins strengthen tissues of a cardiac muscle, normalize its reductions, expand vessels and dilute blood.

Such properties serve as prevention of arrhythmia, ischemic disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, formation of blood clots, hypertensions.

For prevention of arrhythmia and a hypertension recommend to use pumpkin oil, dates, an asparagus, a halibut, a meadowsweet, dried apricots.

For central nervous system

Acids and minerals regulate functions of braking and excitement of nervous system, Vitamins A, With, E normalize a dream, help to cope with depressions and disturbing states, to restore forces after psychological and physical activities.

For brain activity

Vitamins of group B and protein are irreplaceable for work of a brain, namely:

  • improve communication of neurons of a brain;
  • participate in exchange processes;
  • stimulate memory and concentration of attention;
  • stimulate development serotonin;
  • normalize blood circulation in brain vessels;
  • sate cells of a brain with energy.

For digestion

The antibacterial property of garlic blocks reproduction in digestive organs of the pathogenic bacteria provoking processes of fermentation and rotting. Retinolum, tocopherol and vitamin C as a part of a plant participate in synthesis of protein and other exchange processes, regenerations of the damaged fabrics help.

RR vitamin normalizes digestion processes, increasing secretion of gastric juice. Zinc and magnesium promote advance of stool, promoting clarification of intestines.

For a liver

Minerals and vitamins, such as selenium, zinc, tocopherol, group B and ascorbic acid help to maintain health of a liver.

For health of a liver recommend to use thistle oil, pumpkin, thistle meal, buckwheat honey.

These elements — direct participants of exchange processes, they regulate cholesterol level, block penetration of pathogenic microorganisms, help to bring toxins and products of disintegration out of a liver.

Garlic is capable to protect cages of body from destruction, promotes their regeneration, stimulates production of hormones, necessary for its work.

Whether you know? Garlic surely entered a diet of the Ancient Egyptian workers occupied on hard work like construction of pyramids.

For the female urinogenital sphere

Phytoncides and antioxidants actively destroy the fungi resistant to action of antibiotics, vaginal infections. Diuretic action of a plant helps to clean kidneys, removes painful spasms, helps to bring sand and stones out of a bladder.

Such products as birch sap, raspberry, pear juice, boiled beet, guelder-rose red, oats, dried persimmon, green tea help with fight against stones and sand in kidneys.

For bones, cartilages and joints

For health of bones, joints, cartilaginous tissue needs such elements as calcium, manganese, selenium, sulfur; vitamins E, C, PP; acids omega-3 and methionine.

All these substances are present at structure of vegetable therefore it is possible to tell with confidence that the product serves as prophylactic of diseases of the musculoskeletal device (rheumatism, osteoporosis, arthritis), reduces risk of injuries because of fragility of bones.

For skin and hair

The rich complex of vitamins and minerals, organic acids maintains elasticity of integuments, promotes fast healing at damages, strengthens hair and nails. Antioxidants and phytoncides protect skin from bacteria, improve the general tone, promote growth of hair and health of head skin.

Whether it is possible

As we already found out, garlic has many useful properties. However in life of the woman there are periods at which it is necessary to approach the choice of products with extra care.

At pregnancy

If to consider structure of garlic and its taste, it treats the category of hot spices. Pregnancy — a condition of special vulnerability for a female body and the use of too hot dishes will not do good to either future mother, or a fruit.

First, essential oils can strengthen feeling of heartburn which is frequent during this period. Secondly, some components can provoke allergic reaction. However used in small amounts, after heat treatment and infrequently, the product is capable to support the weakened immunity, to reduce risk of formation of blood clots and a hypertension which also often arise at pregnant women.

It is important! As each organism is individual, as well as the course of pregnancy, future mother before the use, it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist. The doctor, estimating a condition of the specific patient, will be able to draw an adequate conclusion: it is possible or is impossible if it is possible, then how often.

When breastfeeding

Concerning the lactation period most of pediatricians incline towards negative influence of a product. It is considered that he is capable to change taste of milk, to provoke an allergy at the child, especially in the first months of life.

At weight loss

The garlic diet is, to put it mildly, not option. The product increases appetite that obviously does not promote weight reduction, and the use in large numbers will result in the increased acidity of a stomach therefore it is impossible to lose weight by means of one garlic.

At weight loss recommend to use small loafs, tomato juice, dried fruits, black rice, muesli, pumpkin sunflower seeds, a cauliflower, cucumbers.

Some feasible help if desired to lose weight it after all can render. At healthy nutrition, existence of proteinaceous and carbohydrate food the product accelerates exchange processes, promotes clarification of a stomach and helps to remove excess liquid.

If to use it together with herbs instead of salt, then the caloric content of dishes will decrease. Having made also physical efforts — fitness, gymnastics — it is possible to correct problem places.

Conclusion: at weight loss the product is not contraindicated, but it is necessary to use it intelligently.

At diabetes

It is possible to use garlic at diabetes, especially if to consider that pharmacologists use it as raw materials for auxiliary additives to the main medicine reducing sugar level.

Advantage for diabetics in the following:

  • decrease in level of cholesterol;

Almonds, prunes, radish black, oat flakes, a mushroom to a shiitaka, rape oil, tofu cheese, watermelon will help to reduce cholesterol level.

  • prevention of thrombosis;
  • support of a cardiac muscle;
  • strengthening of immunity.

Application in cookeries and norms of the use

Garlic is popular in most kitchens of the world, it is used as seasoning, one of the main components, for giving to a dish of saturated aroma and spicy and sharp taste.

Whether it is possible to eat on an empty stomach and for the night

Garlic belongs to the products strengthening production of the enzymes increasing acidity of a stomach. Therefore on a hungry stomach the crude product is not recommended to be used. It is better not to eat garlic and for the night as it causes feeling of thirst and also excites nervous system that does not promote relaxation and a dream.

Optimum time for the use — a lunch, this meal can include the products containing proteins and fats. As it was already told above, properties of garlic as metabolite are best of all shown in interaction with such food.

How many it is possible to eat in day

Opinions of gastroenterologists in this question differ: some claim that a safe dosage — from a half to a clove in day, others allow reception of two cloves. Here it is desirable to be guided by own observations: if you do not feel discomfort in a stomach, so chose right norm for yourself.

Where it is possible to add, and than it is combined

As seasoning, a product it is unique: it is not added, perhaps, only to fish. It is perfectly combined with meat and a bird, seafood, garnishes from cereals and vegetables, fat, mushrooms, potatoes.

It is added to pilaf, borsches, soups, vegetable salads, sandwiches and cold appetizers, jellied dishes, sauces, gas stations and gravies.

The plant is the main ingredient in conservation of vegetables, salting, marinades, brines. The sharp taste can be softened with other seasonings: mint, parsley, anisetree, lemon.

Whether you know? The city of Gilroy, USA, is known for the festivals devoted to garlic. On actions prepare both usual dishes with this ingredient, and exclusive: candies, ice cream and cookies.

Than it is possible to kill a smell

The crude product causes very unpleasant smell from a mouth therefore it is tried not to be used before an exit "in people". But the specific aroma can be killed: to chew parsley foliage, a lemon slice, a stalk of a celery or to rinse a mouth milk.

Useful combinations

In recipes of traditional medicine the product is seldom used alone, its medicinal properties strengthen other components.

Garlic with milk

Dairy and garlic liquid possesses knitting, expectorant, the anesthetic stabilizing (pressure) property. Drink in traditional medicine is applied to treatment of the cold which is followed by cough for clarification of a liver, at arthritis, against cardiac pains.

The boiled clove of a plant in milk promotes restoration of genital function at women, will help to get rid of parasites in an organism.

For treatment of cough warm up a glass of milk, without bringing to boiling that it could be drunk, squeeze out two teeth of garlic, put a half of a teaspoon of butter and a tablespoon of honey.

Drink is divided into two receptions: in the morning and for the night. Drunk before going to bed, it has also the warming-up effect.

Garlic with kefir

For treatment of dysbacteriosis and elimination of locks enter garlic with kefir into a diet the Best option of clarification of an organism from slags and restoration of microflora consider the use of one clove swallowed in the whole look after a breakfast and for the night, wash down it with kefir.

If the taste of vegetable is unpleasant to you, it is possible to squeeze out garlic in any dish, then to wash down with kefir.

Honey with garlic

Honey and garlic medicine is applied at ischemia, a tonsillitis and other diseases of a throat, to strengthening of the immune system, reduction of menstrual pains. For this purpose mix components in equal proportions, use on a teaspoon in day. At cold add a lemon or ginger.

Beet with garlic

Many hostesses know the recipe of salad from beet with garlic and nuts in mayonnaise sauce. That useful properties of all three ingredients played, fat sauce should be replaced with natural yogurt or sour cream.

The tasty dish at anemia is useful, it cleans blood, increases the level of hemoglobin and in general improves composition of blood, favorably influences heart. Juice of beet and garlic is used as cold drops, mixing them 4:1, on two drops on each nostril, two-three times a day.

As it is possible to use in the cosmetic purposes

The plant renders the anti-inflammatory, cleaning and feeding integuments action, helps to get rid of an acne and acne rash, strengthens nail plates and hair on all length, sticking together the whipped tips, promotes growth of hair.

Mask from a hair loss

Two teaspoons of garlic puree mix with two tablespoons of burdock oil and honey, apply mix on roots of hair, softly rubbing in skin, leave for twenty minutes then carefully wash out under flowing water.

Nutritious mask for dry skin

Such ingredients will be necessary for preparation of a mask:

  • 2 average garlic gloves;
  • 2 tsps of cream;
  • 1 tsps of almond oil;
  • 1 tablespoons of carrot juice;
  • yolk.

Important! Consider: garlic masks do not suit for skin, gentle, inclined to irritation — aggressive influence of essential oil of a plant can burn it.

To grate carrots on a small grater and it is good to wring out through a gauze, garlic to crush or pass through a press. To mix all ingredients, put"

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