Garnet juice at pregnancy: advantage and harm"

Garnet juice at pregnancy: advantage and harm"

The regular use of natural juice during pregnancy is the known and easy way to saturate an organism with necessary nutrients and vitamins. The indisputable leader among fruit, universal on structure, for drinks is pomegranate. Let's consider in article of feature of impact of garnet juice on an organism of the pregnant woman and her kid and also possible contraindications to his use.

Whether pregnant women can drink garnet juice

It is known that during incubation of the kid it is worth being more careful at the use even of those products which in a usual state did not cause any concerns. Under this rule also garnet juice gets.

During pregnancy it can be drunk, but before it it is important to study information not only on its useful qualities, but also on the existing contraindications.

Whether you know? The Egyptian Pharaohs highly appreciated salutary properties of garnet juice and used it daily for strengthening not only a physical, but also spiritual cover. Its image is still found on internal and external stones of pyramids.

Thanks to the valuable chemical composition, sweet-sour juice from pomegranate has the all-strengthening, disinfecting, knitting, anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing properties.

Contain in a granular fruit:

  • amino acids;
  • organic matter;
  • monosaccharides;
  • fenolkarbonovy acids;
  • tannins (32%);
  • fitotsinta;
  • antioxidants;
  • pectin;
  • cellulose;
  • folatsin;
  • tannin.

Also fruit includes the following vitamins:


0.005 mg


0.04 mg


0.01 mg

B3, B5, B6

on 0.5 mg


0.02 mg


4 mg


0.4 mg

The minerals (micro and macrocells) falling on 100 grams of drink:


150 mg


10 mg


8 mg


2 mg


1 mg


2 mg

Power value:

  • proteins – 0.7 g;
  • fats – 0.6 g;
  • carbohydrates – 14.7 g.

Also it will be useful for you to learn, than pomegranate is useful to a female body.

Let's consider, than fresh garnet juice is useful to the planning and pregnant women:

  • actively supplies blood with oxygen, prevents anemia;
  • due to immunomodulatory action increases the general immunity;
  • raises hemoglobin;
  • strengthens a myocardium;
  • exempts vessels from thrombotic plaques;
  • accelerates metabolism processes;
  • helps at respiratory diseases, cough, a tonsillitis, a scurvy and mochekisly diathesis;
  • in case of influenzal fever quickly removes heat.

Also it is necessary to consider positive and negative impact of drink at different stages of pregnancy.

On early terms

In the first trimester of pregnancy the moderate use of garnet juice will help an organism of future mother to cope with the exhausting manifestations of toxicosis, to increase appetite and also to normalize functioning of digestive tract.

At toxicosis also recommend to use cranberry drink, red currant, sauerkraut, milk curdled milk, tea with raspberry, dates.

The useful substances which are a part of drink, in particular, RR vitamin, will smooth stressful situations and will significantly increase vitality and will load with a positive spirit.

At this stage it is also important to control amount of tasty drink: too frequent use can provoke a lock, painful feelings in a digestive tract, in certain cases a uterus hyper tone.

In the second trimester

During this period garnet juice allows to support the necessary level of hemoglobin in blood, to normalize arterial blood pressure at a hypertension and also to bring stagnant liquid out of an organism. All steam of the glasses drunk in a week will sate future mother and a fruit with enough vitamins and minerals.

Important! Despite useful properties, it is extremely important not to abuse a product as it is capable to cause destruction of tooth enamel even in the person with strong and healthy teeth. As much as possible to avoid negative impact and to reduce risk of painful manifestations, after the use of juice it is necessary to rinse a mouth clear water, and previously before reception to eat a small piece of cheese or to clean teeth.

On late terms

In the last, third trimester future mother has such characteristic and not palatable phenomena as strong drowsiness, fatigue and an excessive delay of liquid (puffiness).

Similar manifestations effectively are eliminated with daily consumption of garnet juice which is the diuretic and invigorating means. Besides, fresh juice promotes increase in speed of fibrillation and increase in a uterine tone that significantly helps the woman to be prepared for the forthcoming childbirth.


As well as any product, drink from pomegranate has some contraindications, ignoring which it is possible to cause negative reaction of an organism. States at which garnet juice should be excluded completely:

  • tendency to frequent allergic reactions;
  • the increased acidity, pancreatitis, ulcer damages of a stomach or gastritis;
  • frequent locks, hemorrhoids and meteorizm;
  • hypersensibility of tooth enamel.

It is important! To minimize risk of possible negative manifestations, the pregnant woman before inclusion of garnet drink in a diet should consult with the gynecologist who will appoint an admissible individual dosage of juice or will forbid its use proceeding from result of laboratory researches at all.

As well as how many to drink

Because of the rich structure including various acids, garnet juice is not recommended to be drunk in pure form, and this rule concerns all categories: the people with the strong and weakened health planning conception of the child, pregnant women and feeding women.

The concentrated drink needs to be diluted with the filtered water or others, but more neutral juice (1:1). For mixing beet and carrot juice ideally resembles. Because of aggressive concentration of acids garnet drink during pregnancy is not recommended to be taken daily. An optimal variant — 1 glass of the diluted juice 3–4 times a week.

Whether you know? In the Greek mythology garnet juice was drink of gods, and ancient Assyrians often represented a garnet tree in the sculptures, calling it a sacred tree of life.

On a question whether juice from pomegranates during pregnancy will be useful, it is possible to answer unambiguously — yes. The main thing is to listen attentively to recommendations about the choice, preparation and use and also to pay attention to contraindications.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team