Goat milk: than it is useful how to choose and drink

Goat milk: than it is useful how to choose and drink

It is known that dairy products are useful at any age. But milk accompanies us from the first days of life as to our organism the easiest to acquire it. And though for today the great number of animals who produce this substance, milk of a goat is known gained especially wide popularity because of the mass of positive properties. We learn whether this is true.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Caloric content of goat milk quite low also makes 68 kcal on 100 g. The share of proteins makes 3 g, fats — 4.2 g, carbohydrates — 4.5 g, water — 87.3 g.

Goat milk is considered multivitamin as it is filled with Retinolum, carotene, thiamine, Riboflavinum, well-cared, a pyridoxine, kobalaminy, ascorbic acid, a calciferol, alpha tocopherol, biotin, niatsiny.

Macrocells of this product are presented by potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine. Also this natural product is full of aluminum, iron, iodine, manganese, copper, molybdenum.

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Than goat milk is useful

Beta casein excludes allergic reaction to dairy product, cobalt accelerates process of emergence of erythrocytes, regulates metabolism. By means of lecithin in an organism the process of emergence of cages accelerates. Albumine participates in process of transportation of hormones and enzymes.

The making components of dairy products do our bones strong, calm nervous system, take part in reduction of muscles. Such food is advised to use for the reason that it resupplies energy, restores necessary balance of acid and alkali, mineralizes bones and teeth.

For adults

Adults should drink this product for prevention of osteoporosis, strengthening of skeletal system, removal of symptoms of an allergy, strengthening of hair, teeth, nails, restoration of microflora of a stomach, prevention of a meteorizm, lowering of the level of acidity, elimination of heartburn, treatment of insomnia and fatigue.

Goat milk is used for increase in working capacity, immunity, normalization of weight, recovery of work of a liver. To men does well because of the property to increase potency.

Also this animal product restores the weakened organism of cancer patients after radiation, chemotherapy. Helps to strengthen health to the people who had tuberculosis and diabetes.

For pregnant women and the feeding mothers

The product is very useful to pregnant women and women during a lactation. This results from the fact that at the feeding mothers with milk vitamins, minerals leave an organism that leads to loss of hair, teeth, fragility of nails, fragility of bones. If the woman drinks home-made milk, her skin will become more elastic, will take a healthy form, pimples will disappear and hair will become strong and less fragile.

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For children

Pediatricians do not advise to give to drink to babies goat milk. To the child there will be enough breastfeeding. In case mother cannot fully nurse, the doctor can recommend to add an artificial feeding up and goat milk.

For the preschool child it is necessary to include more milk in a diet. It will help to strengthen the immune system, will provide with calcium which is so important to children during active growth. In that case the school student will have enough energy and force at the minimum load of intestines.

For elderly people

Elderly people have to resupply calcium because it influences a condition of the musculoskeletal device. If not to use some dairy products, the aged person gets sick with osteoporosis, it bends a backbone, the strong stoop appears. For this reason grandmothers and grandfathers are subject to bone fractures.

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Useful drink will help to prolong life, will secure against Alzheimer's disease, paralysis, will improve sight.

Important! You should not forget about quantity of drunk. If to exceed norm, there can be swelling and weight in a stomach. Therefore observe a measure.

How to choose a quality product upon purchase

To choose a fresh product, pay attention to such characteristics of goods:

  • packing has no damages;
  • color of a product — monophonic white;
  • dairy smell, not sharp;
  • large parts of fat float on a surface;
  • liquid has pleasant soft taste;
  • the goods are not overdue.

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Whether it is necessary to boil

Some prefer to boil a product, others drink its crude. Positive property of boiling is that it helps to destroy dangerous bacteria (for example, salmonellas), but at the same time under the influence of high temperature also useful vitamins perish. Avoid boiling at a temperature over hundred degrees. And even if you observe the necessary temperature, then pay attention to time of this process: after a raising of a skin switch off gas. Exclude boiling in the microwave oven.

Whether you know? By means of milk of a goat it is possible to clean metal frames, mirrors, blackened on clothes.

How to store in house conditions

It is better to keep a product in a glass container in the fridge. The storage period will depend on temperature condition. If in the fridge of +8-10 °C, milk less than twelve hours store if +4–6 °C — within a day, +3–4 °C — 36 hours, +1–2 °C — not longer than two days.

You should not boil the milk which stood several days already — it will turn, and you receive serum with a small amount of the curdled rest.

Whether you know? The goat became the first animal which people cultivated. It happened in the 9th century BC in the territory of modern Afghanistan and Iran.

How to drink goat milk in the medical purposes

Goat dairy products are used for normalization of work of intestines, acceleration of metabolism, prevention of respiratory viral infections. There are also combinations with other ingredients. Oat flakes decoction with milk treat cold and a fever. It is necessary to take such medicine to food. To cure bronchitis, it is necessary to drink a milk in the small portions three times during the day to a vprikusk with honey.

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That who has a chronic elevated pressure in the morning before food recommend to drink a glass of boiled goat milk in combination with small cut nutlets.

In a combination with garlic juice this drink will help to get rid of worms and myoma, to restore work of a liver and to get rid of excess cholesterol.

Important! Be attentive, meet milk storage conditions. At long storage in it bacteria which to you will definitely not add health can develop.

How to use in the cosmetology purposes

For face care it is necessary to take water and milk in equal proportions, to clean face skin, to wash, allow skin to dry and smear independently with cream.

To remove inflammation on a face and dryness, it is possible to mix tea from a camomile or a linden with a milk and to wash every day. Skin will considerably be smoothed, will become soft and velvet. For clarification of the person do a mask on the basis of three spoons of seeds of a flax, one glass of goat milk, a teaspoon of honey, olive oil and one ampoule of vitamin A. The procedure is carried out within twenty minutes.

It is possible to call vitamin A vitamin of female beauty: its magic properties use for strengthening of hair and rejuvenation of skin.

For giving to skin of elasticity and youth take rye bread without crust, break it and fill in with boiled milk. Then shake up by means of the mixer. Put on a face for seven minutes and wash away water.

The crumb of black bread should be filled in with warm goat milk. To shake up structure the mixer and for 5–7 minutes to put on a face as a mask. To wash warm water.

Whether you know? The fattest is milk of a dolphin, hippopotamus and whale. Milk is considered the most sweet to a nosorozhya.

Contraindications and harm

If intestines badly work for you, there are violations of functions of an endocrine system, in particular, a pancreas, individual intolerance of a product, obesity — refuse goat milk. Dairy product can cause gripes, break an intestines vermicular movement. The chemical composition, a peculiar smell and taste often cause intolerance of a product.

Be attentive to health of children as milk of a goat overloads their secretory system.

Perhaps fast increase in level of hemoglobin. Therefore if the person has very thick blood, it is necessary to part this product with water.

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We were convinced of truthfulness of a statement that goat milk is considered the most useful among other its types. It belongs to a product of average caloric content, is used in cosmetology, treatment and prevention of various diseases. It is calculated on all age categories: from children to elderly people. The prevalence of positive properties of substance demonstrates its usefulness and indispensability for a human body.

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