Grapes for an organism of women: advantage and harm, curative properties and contraindications

Grapes for an organism of women: advantage and harm, curative properties and contraindications

The grapes cluster with large berries, in each of which is played by sunshine — that can be finer and more appetizing! Probably, it is one of the most tasty delicacies to which harvest season we always look forward. And these fruits not only sweet, juicy and fragrant, but also very useful, especially, by the way, for representatives of a fine half of mankind. And we are ready to prove it!

Caloric content and chemical composition

Before speaking about grapes caloric content, it should be noted that numerous grades of this product differ not only color, size of berries and term of maturing, but also (first of all) with the purpose.

According to this criterion, grapes are divided into three main categories:

  1. Sultana grape.

The chemical composition at fruits of this plant is approximately identical (some differences are only depending on color), and here caloric content can strongly differ.

The fact is that one of the main indicators of quality of a wine grade is the high content of sugar, and, so at such fruits the caloric content is higher. Sugar is necessary for yeast for production of alcohol, respectively, the more natural sugar, the stronger natural quality wine will turn out. Table grades are intended for the fresh use therefore selectors try to achieve existence in their taste of some juicy sourness, that is it is less sugar in table grades at the expense of what their caloric content is lower.

Depending on the level of sugar of 100 g of grape berries may contain from 45 to 80 kcal.

Let's give as examples the caloric content of the most widespread grades:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon — 63 kcal;
  • Moldova — 65 kcal;
  • Isabella — 65 kcal;
  • Ladies' fingers — 60 kcal;
  • Sultana grape — 40 kcal.

Important! The most low-calorie are the green (not ripened) grapes as its berries did not manage to gain sugar content yet. And here a champion on this indicator is raisin: dried berries can contain from 250 to 300 kcal.

Calories in grapes are distributed as follows: on average 17% are the share of carbohydrates (in wine grades this indicator can be higher), about a half-percent make proteins, about one and a half percent — fats, all the rest (more than 80%), generally, it is water.

Speaking about carbohydrates, It should be noted that in the majority of grades in the period of a full maturity the amount of glucose and fructose is approximately identical, and sucrose — no more than 5%. Fats are presented nonsaturated, mono - and polysaturated fatty acids, however, considering their insignificant share, these substances, necessary for our organism, need to be received from other products.

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Now about the chemical composition. Solar berries are vitamin-rich. In particular, here is:

  • vitamin A (Retinolum);
  • group B vitamins: thiamine (B1), Riboflavinum (B2), niatsin (B3, or SS), is well-cared (B4), pantothenic acid (B5), a pyridoxine (B6), inositol (B8), folic acid (B9);
  • vitamin C (ascorbic acid);
  • vitamin E (alpha tocopherol);
  • vitamin H (biotin);
  • vitamin K (fillokhinon).

Grapes also contain a large number micro and macrocells. Below their list on decreasing is provided:

  • To (potassium);
  • Ca (calcium);
  • Si (silicon);
  • Mg (magnesium);
  • Na (sodium);
  • S (is gray);
  • R (phosphorus);
  • Cl (chlorine);
  • In (pine forest);
  • V (vanadium);
  • Fe (iron);
  • I (iodine);
  • About (cobalt);
  • Mn (manganese);
  • Cu (copper);
  • Mo (molybdenum);
  • Ni (nickel);
  • F (fluorine);
  • Cr (is lame);
  • Zn (zinc).

Besides, fruits contain a number of irreplaceable and replaceable amino acids, including arginine, valine, a histidine, an isoleucine, a leucine, a lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophane, phenylalanine and others. In smaller quantity — asparaginic and glutamic acids, alanine, glycine, proline, Cerina, tyrosine and cysteine. Among the organic acids which are a part of berry it is necessary to call first of all wine (dioxyamber) and apple, besides at some grades are also present benzoic, salicylic (prototype all of the known aspirin, most of all it at the grades growing in Brazil and Portugal), boric and oxalic.

Finishing the description of the chemical composition of grapes, it is necessary to make one reservation. It is known that solar berries are white and dark, and so: in terms of useful properties dark grades are the most interesting. They contain the special substance, a kind of polyphenols called resveratrol. It has strong antioxidant properties, and at the same time is the natural pigment giving to berries dark coloring.

The characteristic aroma gives to fruits specific hydrocarbon — pterostilben which antioxidant properties are not less strong, than at resveratrol.

Whether you know? It is interesting what natural color of grapes is dark, all light grades are a result of a natural mutation or artificial selection. To be fair It should be noted that loss of a pigment (actually very necessary and useful) easily is fixed in grape berries, as a result there are grades which already steadily remain white.

It is also necessary to note that the chemical composition of grapes is not limited to the substances given above. In this question still a lot of things are not studied, we only precisely know that at berries there are also pectins, tannins, glycosides, biocatalysts, enzymes.

Than grapes are useful to the woman's organism

It is easy to guess that such structure rich with useful substances does grapes really invaluable for health and if some properties of berry are equally interesting to of both sexes, that is and such that they will force to look narrowly at this plant of women more attentively.

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For strengthening of immunity

Here first of all it is necessary to remember two unique substances which are a part of berries — resveratrol and the pterostilbena. The American scientists conducted the serious researches directed to identification of the strongest natural immunostimulators and came to a conclusion that both specified a component of dark grapes are undisputed leaders in this parameter. They directly influence protective functions of our organism, awakening them and urging on to active work, including on fight against external enemies (bacteria, viruses, mushrooms) and internal problems (oxidation products, dead cages, new growths).

Of course, speaking about the immunostimulating properties of solar berry, it is necessary to mention the vitamin C which is its part which, as we know, is capable to increase many times organism resilience to the most various diseases.

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For a cardiovascular system

Repeatedly mentioned resveratrol and pterostilben have property to lower the level of cholesterol and other fats in blood that, certainly, has salutary effect on a cardiovascular system. High content of vitamins, in particular, of group B and ascorbic acid and also polyphenols and flavonoids, supplements positive influence of berries on work of heart and a condition of vessels. These substances promote blood fluidifying, saturation by its nitrogen oxide and interfere with formation of blood clots. However it must be kept in mind that grapes quite in a certain way influence the level of arterial blood pressure therefore not all can be fond of it.

Important! Grapes lower arterial blood pressure therefore its use is very useful at a hypertension.

For skin, nails and hair

Free radicals, in a huge number obrazovyvayushchiyesya as a result of an incomplete cycle of oxidation-reduction reactions, and wandering about our organism, do it huge harm, first of all causing presenilation. Ours skin, nails and hair as a mirror, reflect the general state of health. Three strongest antioxidants which are a part of grapes (including vitamin C), are connected by these free radicals and thus provide us long youth. It is also important to remember that in solar berry there is a lot of magnesium, zinc, calcium, organic acids and other connections highly influencing a condition of skin, a hair and nails. And a part of these substances contains not in pulp and even not in a peel, and in stones therefore on their basis prepare various cosmetic masks and srubs (for the same reason, by the way, grapes are recommended to be used together with stones).

Whether you know? They say that the Cleopatra who won the heart of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar used grape berries as cosmetic, having opened thereby the new direction in use of fruits of this plant.

Thanks to grapes, skin gains elasticity and elasticity, the complexion becomes healthy, small wrinkles are smoothed.

For nervous system

One of two main functions which is performed in our organism by vitamin C is just stabilization of mentality. Also other vitamins which are a part of grapes are not less useful to nervous system. So, from group B vitamins in it thiamine, a pyridoxine and folic acid are strong:

  • thiamine regenerates nervous tissues and takes part in transfer of nervous impulses;
  • the pyridoxine is the catalyst of development of neurotransmitters;
  • folic acid strengthens all types of memory (both short-term, and long-term).

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Retinolum (vitamin A) helps at insomnia, does a dream to deeper, providing to the person good rest, but also improves mental activity. Tocopherol stimulates blood circulation, thereby enriching with oxygen of a cell of a brain. This substance also interferes with development of age changes of nervous system, in particular, prevents Alzheimer's disease. Besides, vitamin E calms nerves and reduces stress.

For digestive tract and a liver

Solar berries are useful to a stomach and intestines. Bactericidal and analgetic (anesthetics) properties of the substances which are their part allow to stop development of various pathologies of digestive organs, strengthen an intestines vermicular movement.

Important! Grapes possess soft laxative action therefore it is useful to use its berries at locks, and here at the intestinal frustration which are followed by diarrhea it is better to refuse such delicacy.

Fragrant sweet clusters have property to improve all metabolic processes including which are taking place in digestive tract. For this reason the gastroenterologists recommend these fruits to those who suffer from irregular excrements of intestines, especially if these processes are painful.

In addition, grapes well clean a liver. It is interesting that not only fresh berries, but also the wine made from them have such properties. To the people having pathologies of this body, doctors recommend in the medical purposes to drink a small amount of the red wine (is desirable for Bordeaux) diluted with an equal amount of water.

For memory and sight

It is known that vitamins of group B improve memory and help to concentrate. The corresponding vitamin complexes in tablets even recommend to accept to people whose professional activity is connected with serious intellectual loadings and also to school students and students during the examination period. But the fresh and tasty fruits having the same properties as tablets to accept much more pleasantly!

High content vitamin A in grapes does it especially valuable to those who wish to improve sight. The shortage of this substance often leads not only to what the person begins to see worse (especially in the dark), but also to development of various diseases of organs of vision: from primitive conjunctivitis before more serious violations like glaucoma and a kseroftalmiya. And presence at berries of a niatsin and Riboflavinum does their use by excellent prevention of development of a cataract.

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For sexual inclination

The girls who grew cold to the partner or, on the contrary, noticing from his party loss of former activity in the sexual plan, can pay special attention to enrichment of the (or joint) a diet grapes as this product strengthens a libido both at men, and at women. Researches of the American scientists say that ladies from these berries feel only easy erotic excitement, and men have a triple increase in production of testosterone (as is well-known, it is the main hormone responsible for male sexuality). Thus, grapes are a strong aphrodisiac. Only you remember that it is first of all about its dark grades.

For weight loss

It would seem, grapes, at the small caloric content, nevertheless it is impossible to call a dietary product, considering quite high amount of sugar in it. But actually everything is not so bad. There are several reasons for which solar berry is shown even to those who tries to get rid of extra kilos:

  • the light laxative property of fruits allows to provide timely depletion of intestines therefore the organism does not suffer from toxic action of products of disintegration;
  • berries contain a lipase — specific enzyme which splits fats, and provides faster assimilation of nutrients with an organism;
  • polyphenols improve all metabolic processes that also does not allow excess calories to settle on our sides and hips.

Whether it is possible

So, grapes are very useful to female health and good health. But there are situations when it is necessary to approach a diet with extra care, and yes

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