Greek cuisine: how to prepare a spinakopita

Greek cuisine: how to prepare a spinakopita

Spinakopita is the most tasty Greek pie made from puff pastry fit with a juicy feta, spinach, onions and greens stuffing. By means of a spinakopita it is possible to diversify habitual pies and to surprise guests and friends especially as this Greek dish easily and quickly is cooked.

It is required to you

  • - 3 tablespoons of olive oil; - 1 large bulb; - spinach – 1 kg (it is possible frozen, but it is the best of all fresh); - bunch of parsley and half-bunch of fennel; - (Shake up) 3 eggs; - 200-300 g of feta (it is possible to replace with brynza) - a desi – 100 g; - dough fit – 1 pack (not less than 225 g); - pepper and salt.


1. In a frying pan olive oil is warmed and onions are fried. When onions become soft, spinach is added to it. If spinach was frozen, it is defrozen previously, and excess liquid merges. Spinach is fried within 5 minutes. After that the plate is switched off, and spinach cools down to room temperature.

2. While spinach cools down, parsley and fennel are crushed. Fennel, parsley, feta, salt, pepper and a frothed eggs are added to spinach. All ingredients accurately mix up to homogeneous mass.

3. A desi is kindled, and fit sheets give all the best in a baking dish. Each leaf is oiled. Layers has to be at least 5-6, but in general their quantity isn't limited to anything, except your taste. On dough the stuffing gives all the best and it is closed by sheets fit, greased by a desi. The number of sheets same as was in the pie basis.

4. For appearance the top of the closed pie is knifed very sharp next portions. Pie is baked in the warmed oven about 40 minutes at a temperature of 190 degrees. Ready pie has to have a golden crust. It is possible to serve pie as we heat, and cold.

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