Green peas (tinned): advantage and harm

Green peas (tinned): advantage and harm

Green peas are very useful fruit of a siliculose plant from family bean which people use fresh, preserve and cook from it various dishes. In article we will talk about what this fruit in a tinned look is useful.

Caloric content and structure

Many people when choosing a product for the diet are interested in a question how many calories it contains. Tinned green peas low-calorie — in 100 g contain 58 kcal (4.07% of standard daily rate for the person).

In the same quantity of a product holds:

  • proteins — 3 g (3.66%);
  • fats — 0.5 g (0.77%);
  • carbohydrates — 10.6 g (8.28%);
  • food fibers — 3.3 g (16.5%);
  • waters — 85.13 g (3.33%).

Whether you know? Seeds of peas were found by archeologists at excavation of the land layers relating to the Neolithic in Greece and Iraq. In the territory of Europe, peas fruits which age about 4 thousand years were dug out. It for the first time occurs in the book of kitchen recipes in X ІІІ a century.

The chemical composition of peas is very rich.


  • And, RE — 76 mkg (8.4%);
  • alpha carotene — 15 mkg;
  • beta carotene — 0.91 mg (18.2%);
  • lutein + zeaxanthin — 1747 mkg;
  • B1 (thiamine) — 0.077 mg (5.1%);
  • B2 (Riboflavinum) — 0.024 mg (1.3%);
  • B4 (is well-cared) — 20 mg (4%);
  • B5 (pantothenic acid) — 0.091 mg (1.8%);
  • B6 (pyridoxine) — 0.065 mg (3.3%);
  • B9 (folates) — 24 mkg (6%);
  • C (ascorbic acid) — 7.8 mg (8.7%);
  • E (alpha tocopherol, TE) — 0.02 mg (0.1%);
  • gamma tocopherol — 1.7 mg;
  • delta tocopherol — 0.03 mg;
  • To (fillokhinon) — 20.7 mkg (17.3%);
  • RR, NE — 0.995 mg (5%).


  • K (potassium) — 106 mg (4.2%);
  • Ca (calcium) — 20 mg (2%);
  • Mg (magnesium) — 19 mg (4.8%);
  • Na (sodium) — 185 mg (14.2%);
  • Ph (phosphorus) — 63 mg (7.9%).


  • Fe (iron) — 1.29 mg (7.2%);
  • Mn (manganese) — 0.211 mg (10.6%);
  • Cu (copper) — 99 mkg (9.9%);
  • Se (selenium) — 1.3 mkg (2.4%);
  • Zn (zinc) — 0.72 mg (6%).

Usvoyaemy carbohydrates:

  • mono - and disaccharides (glucose, a maltose, sucrose, fructose) — 3.2 g.

Also in tinned green peas there are 10 irreplaceable, 8 replaceable amino acids, fatty acids an omega-3 and an omega-6, 2 saturated, 1 monounsaturated, 2 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Important! At heat treatment, green peas lose the most part of valuable elements, some of them evaporate completely. Therefore that the organism benefited from it bean as much as possible, it is better to use it fresh. Preserved food should not be put in dishes which give in to strong heat treatment.

Advantage and harm of green tinned peas

Let's consider whether tinned peas are useful to a human body, whether it can be harmful and to whom its use is not recommended.

Than it is useful

The rich chemical composition causes advantage of preserved food:

  • contains digestible carbohydrates and the balanced protein that well influences digestion and saves from locks;
  • calms nervous system. It is possible thanks to group B vitamins;
  • has antioxidant effect — brings toxins and slags out of an organism;
  • increases regeneration of fabrics, slowing down aging processes;
  • reduces cholesterol level in blood;
  • improves work of a cardiovascular system;
  • regulates blood clotting;
  • reduces arterial blood pressure;
  • cleans a liver;
  • raises hemoglobin level in blood and interferes with development of anemia;
  • is prophylactic against diabetes, an urolithic disease, liver diseases.

Whether you know? First-ever Dutches began to preserve green peas. It occurred in the 16th century. And in the 18-19th centuries this tradition was adopted across the whole Europe.

What harm

The product has also some restrictions in the use:

  • tinned green peas can be harmful to people who have a gout, colitis, thrombophlebitis, stones in kidneys and bilious and also that who is in a rehabilitation stage after a heart attack or a stroke;
  • with care it needs to be eaten with that at whom problems with digestion as the product leads to the increased gas generation, swelling of intestines, weight in a stomach are observed. It is not recommended to use it for the night;
  • seldom, but people who have individual intolerance of this bean and also with an allergy to this product meet.

For healthy adults the peas can do harm only in case of the excessive use.

Whether it is possible to eat

There are categories of people who by the provision or the available problem with health have to watch accurately the diet, products and drinks getting to it not to do harm to the organism.

In particular, women in situation and in the period of a lactation, diabetics, a kidney-vetch, the people having gastrointestinal diseases, including obesity belong to such categories.

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At pregnancy

It is useful for pregnant women to eat tinned green peas as it promotes saturation of their organism so digestible proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, necessary during this period. Vitamins C, To and folic acid are especially important for the woman at this time. The last element is necessary in the first 3 months of pregnancy for normal development of a brain and a nervous tube in the child. Also peas can help to solve to the woman such delicate problem as locks which quite often become satellites of pregnancy.

However pregnant women should use bean with care. During this period the swelling of intestines and a meteorizm are undesirable. Therefore the product needs to be eaten moderately, it is desirable having consulted concerning portions with the gynecologist. Also you should not mix green peas with other proteinaceous food.

Important! Physicians and nutritionists recommend to use no more than 100-150 g of tinned green peas a day.

When breastfeeding

The feeding mother is not recommended to use preserved food. It can provoke belly-aches, swelling and gripes at the kid. In general, up to 3 years it is undesirable to children to give it for the reason not until the end of the created digestive system. And at GV all products which are eaten by mother with milk will arrive also to the kid. For the first time the woman can try peas when the child is 6 months old. It is worth beginning with several teaspoons. It is desirable to train him independently.

We recommend to learn about importance of vitamins for kormlyashchy mothers.

If it does not affect health of the kid in any way, will not cause in it an allergy and belly-aches, then it is possible to use bean further, gradually increasing portions to maximum allowed. At emergence of undesirable reactions the eating of a product should be stopped immediately.

At weight loss

Peas are not a dietary product. However for weight loss it is possible to include it in a diet as even the small quantity perfectly satisfies hunger and keeps feeling of saturation for a long time. It is better to use a product as an independent garnish. With its help it is possible to clean well an organism, so, to get rid of preventing normal digestion and a metabolism of slags. Regulation of level of cholesterol in blood is important.

If from your organism no undesirable reactions are observed, then you should not lose this product which will allow to saturate an organism with necessary proteins, minerals and vitamins even if you are on a diet. They can replace meat dishes. However in this case it is better to pay attention to a fresh product nevertheless.

Important! Upon purchase in shop it is necessary to give preference to a product in transparent banks. It is necessary to pay attention to a cover — it should not be blown up, transparency of marinade — it is necessary to refuse a product with too muddy liquid, color of peas — it has to be green, on structure — only peas, salt, sugar and water have to enter it.

At pancreatitis

People at whom the pancreas inflamed are limited in the choice of products for the menu. All recommendations about an occasion of a diet are made by the attending physician.

Usually tinned green peas are included into the list of products which are forbidden for the use as such which can provoke exacerbation of a disease. Provoking swelling and a meteorizm, bean do not allow intestines to digest them therefore there can be severe diarrhea. To begin to use small quantity of a product it is possible only in a condition of remission. However it is necessary to do it with care and only after permission of the doctor.

At diabetes

If peas are preserved by own hands and the structure included sugar, then it is even useful to use it for diabetics. The bean diet perfectly influences natural decrease in sugar in blood, cholesterol and arterial blood pressure. From store preserved food it is better to refuse or use it occasionally in small quantities, accurately counting calories and level of carbohydrates.

Learn, than bean products are useful to health.

Thus, tinned green peas, despite heat treatment, keep a set of elements, valuable to a human body, so, render a number of useful properties. However you should not abuse this product — it leads to a meteorizm and swelling of intestines. In the presence of a serious disease concerning consumption of preserved food it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team