Green tea"

Green tea"

tea – my most adored drink, though in cold, as hot. Not because I was born on open spaces of Central Asia, and because of its useful properties. Much do not like taste of tea, but believe, the more you drink it, the more you like it. Green tea contains a huge number of minerals, useful organic and inorganic compounds and also a big complex of vitamin structures.

The first difference property of green tea that it has antioxidant properties, that is actively brings toxic substances out of an organism which can cause various cancer processes.

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The second distinctive property of green tea which especially is pleasant to me, so this acceleration of process of combustion of fats and their removal from an organism. So-called tea diets at which the level of cholesterol actively decreases are very widespread and the quantity of fat cages decreases. Tea is much more effective zhiroszhigatel about whom I wrote earlier

Green tea actively helps to fight against high rates of arterial blood pressure, reducing tension of vessels of an organism. It should be noted that by itself, it it is impossible to be used with a low pressure.

Green tea is good means for removal of slags, toxins and other hazardous substances which accumulated in an organism, and, the more you drink it, the better it affects you. It is recommended to use this drink also at various poisonings.

Various stressful situations caused by various factors are also removed green tea which components well influence nervous cages, reducing tension and restoring functional abilities.

Not without reason wise men of ancient China always preferred this drink, calling it "a youth elixir", recommending and using it in all generations.

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