Guarana in sports food: for what how to accept

Guarana in sports food: for what how to accept

It is heavy to present modern sports food for weight-lifters and bodybuilders without guarana — effective superfood and a zhiroszhigatel. On an organism and Regulations of Admission we will tell about origin, action further in article.

What is a guarana

This plant growing in the South American jungle. It belongs to lianas which can be met in a river basin of Amazon, in Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia and other countries.

At a guarana big leaves with large flowers, but this plant is famous for the fruits. They contain substance under the name guaranin which action is a caffeine analog, however surpasses it in the power twice. Fruits have an appearance of a nutlet which cover can be painted in colors from yellow, bright red to gray.

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When maturing it bursts, and the sunflower seed of black or lilac-brown color appears. Seeds are of great value as they are dried up further and fray, receiving important powder.

It is necessary to tell about structure of a guarana separately, it is rich with such useful substances as:

  • guaranin, the substance identical to caffeine (about 6%) that many times it is more, than in coffee beans;
  • pitches;
  • tannins;
  • vitamins A, E, RR and also group B;
  • zinc, manganese, sodium;
  • theobromine;
  • theophylline.

Important! Unlike coffee beans, the toning substance from fruits of a guarana is acquired not instantly, and gradually. This process can last 2–3 hours, and its influence is felt longer that is considerable advantage to athletes, especially before considerable physical activities.

Thanks to the growing popularity not only in the homeland of a plant where its properties were known throughout many centuries, but also around the world, the guarana can be met not only in the wild nature now. Today are engaged in its cultivation commercially.

As affects the athlete's organism

The popularity of use in sport is caused by the fact that:

  • the athlete can train at intensive speed for several hours, at the same time without feeling fatigue due to increase in endurance;
  • pressure, pulse rate increases;
  • process of a metabolism accelerates that provides reduction of fat deposits;
  • the appetite decreases;
  • blood circulation improves;
  • food of nervous system gets better, there is its stimulation, and the mood of the person increases;
  • improvements of the general health are noted;
  • the organism receives a charge of energy and cheerfulness;
  • extract of this plant has property to rassasyvat lactic acid that promotes decrease in pain in muscles after the wearisome trainings.

Important! It is recommended to accept powder of a guarana or food which includes this substance, not less than in 8 hours prior to a dream as the effect after its use has long duration.


Guarana has the mass of merits for human health in general and is effectively used not only in the industry of sports food, but also in the medical purposes and not only. Extract allows:

  • to bring an organism into a tone, to give it a charge of positive energy;
  • to reduce appetite and to strengthen metabolism that is actively used in the program of dietary food for weight loss;
  • to improve memory, concentration of attention and working capacity that often is attractive to youth in various energy drinks, it is used during preparation and examination;
  • to lower cholesterol level in blood;
  • it is positive to influence work of heart;
  • to stabilize an emotional background, to eliminate depressions, to increase mood;
  • to normalize process of digestion at the expense of the tannins which are its part which make positive impact on walls of intestines and a stomach.

Whether you know? The fruit similar to a human eye — so sounds literal translation of the name of a guarana. And such name thanks to an interesting type of the fruits which seed reminds a pupil, pulp — an iris of the eye in a frame of a dense peel received a plant.

Contraindications and side effects

Having learned about advantage of a guarana, It is necessary to tell also about its shortcomings and also that its reception will be equally useful not to all. First of all, the use of this South American plant can be contraindicated to people with:

  • hypertension, the increased arterial blood pressure;
  • problems of a cardiovascular system as the product stimulates blood circulation and speeds up heartbeat;
  • neurologic diseases;
  • to pregnant women and feeding;
  • to allergic persons.

Sports food from guarany

Extract can be met in a number of products of special sports food. In pure form the product can be found in such medicines:

  • Scitec Essentials Super Guarana;
  • Scitec Nutrition Super Guarana;
  • Olimp Nutrition Guaranax;
  • Multipower Guarana;
  • Super Guarana;
  • Power System Guarana Liquid.

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Also can be in the form of one of numerous components of a complex of vitamins and nutrients:

  • MusclePharm Shred Matrix;
  • Universal Animal Cuts.

Guarana is used also as a component of pretraining complexes of sports food:

  • MHP Trac Extreme-No;
  • Hemo Rage Black Ultra;
  • Olimp Guaranax;
  • Guaran's BioTech.

When and how to accept

Today it is possible to buy substance in a look:

  • tablets;
  • powder;
  • liquids.

The effect of extract of a guarana in many respects depends on a dosage and specific features of the person. On average experts recommend to adhere to a dosage of 1500 mg, or 1.5 g, for once. It is possible to begin with a portion in 1000 mg when effect of medicine is already felt. Often in the liquid state it is on sale already packaged in bags on 1500–2000 mg. To athletes before important and long competitions it is admissible to accept 4000 mg, or 4 g that will increase their endurance, energy and working capacity. However it is not recommended to exceed this dosage as arterial blood pressure can strongly rise and raise heartbeat frequency that can only do much harm to the participant of sports competitions.

It is recommended to accept a guarana as follows:

  • it is better to make intake of extract in the first half of day as its action will be notable for a long time and also it will not do much harm to a quiet and healthy sleep at night;
  • it is possible to use before the training both in a separate look, and as a part of a pretraining complex if heavy loading or not enough forces for a training is necessary. It is worth avoiding regular application;
  • daily reception is recommended only for the fastest weight loss and effective weight reduction, but only as a component of a fat-burning complex, but not in the form of separate monomedicine.

Whether you know? In the countries of the basin of Amazon it is possible to meet on counters of shops the chocolate and drink similar to coffee produced from guarana fruits. The thing is that the invigorating properties of this plant are known to locals since the beginning of the 20th century when Brazilian Baretto for the first time suggested to make energy soft drink of its seeds.

The natural effect of a guarana became extremely popular in quality of a component of sports food as has the unique qualities promoting success and endurance of athletes and bodybuilders.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team