Healthy food: what to indulge itself in August with

Healthy food: what to indulge itself in August with


The undoubted leader of August is a juicy and tasty watermelon. It is considered to be that watermelon is only water and sugar. But it absolutely not so, in green berry is a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and also absolutely small amount of calories – about 30 calories on 100 grams.

Watermelon is capable to normalize blood pressure, to prevent obesity, cancer, diabetes, asthma, heart troubles, vessels, an alimentary system. Juicy berry consists for 90% of water therefore in hot summer days this excellent means against dehydration.

Watermelon also is useful to beautiful smooth skin, healthy shiny hairs, increase in energy and weight reduction. It promotes growth of hair, does skin humidified, and its color healthy.


Melons contain very few calories, there are almost no fats, but at the same time in sweet fruits there are a lot of necessary vitamins and minerals:

  • vitamin C is necessary for growth and maintenance of all tissues of body, healing of wounds, recovery of bones and teeth;
  • vitamin A is necessary for healthy teeth, skin, bones, mucous membranes. It helps the system of sight, promoting health of a retina. The lack of this vitamin can lead to failures in work of the immune system;
  • potassium is important for maintenance of health of heart. Consumption of enough potassium will help to reduce blood pressure, to reduce negative impact of products with the high content of sodium.


This berry isn't so widespread, but is one of the most useful to health. Contains in bilberry many antioxidants helping to strengthen health and to improve appearance. A frozen berries completely keeps all useful properties, and it means that it is possible to enjoy bilberry round year.


As well as other cruciferae family vegetables, a cauliflower I am capable to prevent cancer therefore doctors recommend to eat it several times a week. Options of preparation of a cauliflower set: fried in batter, steamed, roast, a cell, soups, ragout.


Though cucumbers also consist for 95% of water, they contain a lot of cellulose and useful substances. Fresh cucumbers are capable to bring excess water, toxins and hazardous substances out of an organism, perfectly satisfy hunger and thirst, help work of a pancreas, remove hypostases, reduce pressure.


This violet vegetable contains all minerals necessary for the person. Perfectly eggplants will suit vegetarians and losing weight – they add "fleshy" structure to dishes, contain few calories, remove slags and excess liquid. They can be fried, baked with any stuffings, to add to meat, vegetable dishes. And what tasty and useful caviar from eggplants! The main thing to don't pass a season of this useful vegetable.


Garlic is not only remarkable beskaloriyny way to impact the aroma and relish prepared for dishes. This surprising vegetable is capable to prevent cancer diseases, to strengthen immunity, to struggle with many diseases.


Contains in these juicy and very tasty fruit a lot of useful to health and beauty of substances. The nectarine helps an organism to be cleaned from toxins and slags, is useful to an alimentary, cardiovascular system. It well helps at locks, anemia, excess weight and weak immunity. Having much gorged on during a season of nectarines it is possible to make beautiful hair, skin, nails.


What August can be without apples? How much tasty it is possible to prepare from them: both pie, and compote, they can be baked, added to meat dishes and fruit salads, to dry. But, of course, most of all vitamins remain in fresh apples.

Doctors recommend to eat daily at least one apple – and the good health is provided. In them cellulose, pectin are a lot of vitamins, minerals. Apples – excellent prevention of cancer, catarrhal diseases, diseases of heart, vessels and many others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team