Healthy nutrition for a set of muscle bulk for girls: the menu for every day

Healthy nutrition for a set of muscle bulk for girls: the menu for every day

The strengthened trainings will never give result if not to strengthen the body from within. Girls who want to tighten the body should pay attention to healthy nutrition. The balanced diet is selected taking into account the physiological structure of a body of the woman and chemical processes in her organism.

Why to the girl muscle bulk

Full-fledged muscle bulk is necessary for the girl for maintenance of a body in a tone. It allows not only to look good, but also to keep health. Performance of physical exercises helps to improve functionality of the musculoskeletal device. The correct work and the structure of muscles are prevention of a kakheksiya, sarkopeniya.

The muscles supporting a skeleton provide functions of movement, coordination, play a role in ensuring the correct, uniform breath. Development of normal muscle bulk helps to prevent appearance of cancer, osteoporosis, heart diseases.

Important! Any of the advertized zhiroszhigatel does not give effect without healthy nutrition and trainings. It is impossible to drink cocktail, to jam it burger and to become harmonious!

Equally harmfully for an organism exhaustion of muscles and obesity. The majority of information sources suggests to lose weight, but nobody speaks about development of a muscular system and existence in medicines for weight loss of hormones. Fast reduction of weight, leads to weakening of a muscular tone and violation of a cycle at women. The power imbalance and lack of stable muscular activity leads to development of cellulitis. Reduction of caloric content of a diet will not help to restore a metabolism. A role of muscle bulk for a female body:

  • support of the case;
  • ensuring normal power balance;
  • stable enrichment of fabrics and bodies with oxygen inflow;
  • prevention of development of chronic diseases;
  • decrease in level of cholesterol;
  • maintaining integrity and endurance of bone tissues.

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Food role in increase in muscles

The biggest part in formation of a muscular framework is assigned to a balanced diet. For this purpose, the woman needs to control balance of the consumed energy and spent. Reduction of caloric content of a diet, leads to exhaustion and dysfunction of nervous system, a liver. The physical activity provides power consumption in a condition of the movement and at rest. Muscles continue to work and split nutritious elements even during sleep. Correctly picked up diet allows to develop endurance, to quickly gain weight.

The use of enough vitamins and minerals improves concentration of attention, eliminates possible consequences of excessive physical loadings in the form of chronic fatigue, joint pains.

Important! Right after an intensiv is it is impossible. Meal is made in 30-40 min.

The main component of dietary food at a set of muscle bulk – protein. It is the main construction component of the muscle fibers and enzymes carrying information of DNA delivering nutrients in fabric.

Carefully picked up diet allows to recover the muscles destroyed during the training and water and electrolytic balance and also to reduce risk of an expense of a protein necessary for formation of a full-fledged muscular framework and regeneration of tissues of internals. At decrease in amount of protein, there comes muscular starvation. The organism in the emergency order burns fat and carbohydrates to fill a lack of amino acids and to redirect them to vitals that causes thinning of muscle fibers. The nutritional value of a diet is regulated depending on the purpose:

  • weight loss – the consumed energy has to be less, than spent;
  • extension of muscles – add calories, and reduce intensity of trainings.

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What to eat to the girl

Main components of a diet of the girl:

  • carbohydrates – provide an organism with energy;
  • proteins – actively form muscle tissue.

For performance of such task how to gain weight, the menu has to include 40% of carbohydrates and proteins, 20% of fats. Surely include in a diet:

  • grain: buckwheat, porridge;
  • fermented milk products;
  • bean;
  • butter;
  • fish, meat;
  • nuts;
  • greens;
  • pasta from firm grades of wheat.

Important! You should not refuse fats completely. Without them the body will not find beautiful reliefs and the condition of skin will worsen. Fatty acids participate in collagen synthesis – the enzyme which is responsible for elasticity, elasticity terms, fabrics of vessels.

Pursuing the aim to build up muscle bulk, it is necessary to reduce consumption of fruit and vegetables (they interfere with digestion of protein), sweets. The lack of vitamins is replaced with the complexes developed for athletes. If there are signs of decrease in glucose in blood (dizziness, breakdown, pallor of integuments), add dark chocolate to a diet.

Necessary amount of protein

For maintenance of a body in a beautiful form the woman needs to consume 2 g of protein on 1 kg of body weight at intensive sports activities, 1.4 g/kg – at moderate trainings. Protein participates in creation of the majority of fabrics in an organism. Is high-molecular structure which is split on replaceable and irreplaceable amino acids under the influence of hydrochloric acid in a GIT. At one time food 30-40 g of protein are acquired. The animal protein is more valuable, than vegetable therefore in a diet it is necessary to place emphasis on meat and fish products. Sturgeon granular caviar, fowl, beef, a krolyatina, eggs, whole powdered milk, cottage cheese, cheese contains the largest amount of amino acids, valuable to an organism.

Whether you know? Hot tea during a heat satisfies thirst quicker and restores the dissipated energy, interfering with overheating of a body and increase HELL.

Fats in a diet

Fats are presented by saturated and nonsaturated fatty acids. The first are long dissolved in a stomach and collect under skin in the form of tsellyulitny plaques, the second – are quickly acquired and provide power exchange in an organism. Saturated fatty acids are a part of mutton, pork. For ensuring normal activity of an organism with food 30% of vegetable components and 70% of animal origin have to arrive. Useful an omega 3-fat components contain in fish, corn oil.

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At accumulation of muscle bulk it is necessary to reduce consumption of animal fats and to put emphasis on vegetable. Enter olive, corn oil, cod-liver or badger oil into a diet. In small amounts the fat use (20-30 g/days) is allowed.

Sources of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates provide power exchange. The human body receives them from vegetable food. Are presented by monosaccharides, disaccharides and polysaccharides. The products containing polysaccharides are necessary for maintenance of a body in a tone:

  • bean;
  • vegetables;
  • root crops;
  • fruit.

At insufficient amount of carbohydrates, the organism actively burns proteins and fats that negatively affects growth and development of muscle fibers.

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Whether sports additives are necessary to the girl

Sports additives give additional opportunities. Their direct appointment – replacement of having a snack. They help the girl to adapt quicker to a power intensiv, to restore vitamin and mineral balance.

Diets for formation of muscle bulk assume reduction of consumption of vegetables, fruit therefore the organism needs additional stimulation. Most often use protein cocktails. Drink them after the training. To girls who want to reduce weight and to dry reliefs zhiroszhigatel will approach. They are taken for half an hour prior to a training. Women thin by nature for a set of weight will be suitable geyner.

Complexes are developed especially for people with fragile proportions of a body. Food is enriched with vitamin complexes. Will suit women:

  • Ayevita;
  • Neurobex;
  • Vitrum Forte.

It is better to give preference to the complex means containing group B vitamins in the structure. They participate in construction and restoration of fabrics.

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Enough water

Water makes 60% of a human body. Intensive sports activities remove a large amount of liquid, and together with it and minerals (salt, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus). On average the girl has to consume 3 l of water. If desired to lose weight gradually bring amount of liquid to 5 l/days. It will allow to bring toxins and salt out of an organism quickly. Addition in water of juice of a lemon and root of ginger helps to enhance effect. On 5 l the average lemon and 50 g of ginger will be required.

It will be useful for you to learn whether it is possible to do harm to an organism water drink.

Rules of food

The healthy nutrition assumes accurate following to the mode. Day consumption rate of food is divided into 5 parts. It is necessary to eat each 2-2.5 hours. Till 16:00 the girl has to consume 3/4 day norms. Graphic display of day consumption rates of food in percentage looks so:

  • Breakfast of 8.00 - 40%.
  • The second breakfast of 11.00 - 20%.
  • Lunch of 13.00 - 20%.
  • Afternoon snack of 15.00 - 10%
  • Dinner 18.00-19.00 – 10%.

Whenever possible, it is allowed to add still meals. The more often the organism will receive food, the metabolism will be better. The power value of a day diet is calculated by a formula: the weight (kg) x 30+500, where 30 — your age.

Making the menu, be guided by the received result. Having got up it is necessary to drink a glass of water. It will allow to start an organism, to remove excess toxins and the slime which accumulated in a night. In 20-30 min. it is possible to start a breakfast.

It is important! If there is no opportunity to eat fully, meal completely will replace a serumal protein or VSAA.

Before adjusting to dietetics, undergo medical examination and make blood tests. At the slightest deviations it is worth refusing such diet and to pick up more sparing depending on the nature of pathological processes. Proteinaceous diets are contraindicated to the girls suffering from a renal and liver failure.

The approximate menu for a set of muscle bulk to the girl

Menus make for every day in advance and accurately follow the mode. We suggest to consider the approximate menu for 7 days for the girls setting before themselves the purpose to increase a muscular framework and to show beautiful reliefs:


Breakfast: steam chicken without skin, a garnish from the Mexican mix of vegetables (peas, haricot, paprika, a celery, carrots), for a dessert the apple baked with cottage cheese, green tea. The second breakfast: pancakes with bilberry and honey, tea. Lunch: pike and vegetables fish soup, turkey sandwich. Afternoon snack: unsweetened yogurt, apple. Dinner: Mixed Mexican vegetables, glass of kefir.


Breakfast: 2 eggs hard-boiled, a toast with cow oil, cottage cheese with dried fruits, green tea. The second breakfast: mix of nutlets with honey, juice. Lunch: the stake from beef baked in an oven with tomatoes, couscous with vegetables as a garnish, lime tea. Afternoon snack: 3 kiwis and glass of water. Dinner: pangasius fillet together with carrots and onions, kefir.


Breakfast: toasts with nut oil, a boiled turkey, tea from a dogrose. The second breakfast: banana. Lunch: perch vegetables fish soup, pancake with cottage cheese, tea. Afternoon snack: yogurt with addition of a kiwi and grapefruit. Dinner: baked pumpkin, cottage cheese, mint tea.


Breakfast: 3 eggs, boiled soft-boiled, a toast with feta cheese, tea from a linden. The second breakfast: grapefruit, banana. Lunch: beef liver cutlets, Mexican mix of vegetables, juice. Afternoon snack: long cookies, kefir. Dinner: to a cell from vegetables, chicken breast.


Breakfast: buckwheat with indyushiny goulash, tea. The second breakfast: a toast with nut oil, tea. Lunch: boiled beef tongue, a garnish from vegetable marrows, juice. Afternoon snack: pancakes with cottage cheese, tea. Dinner: baked fish, rye small loafs, sour milk, the lowered fat content.


Breakfast: couscous with vegetables and beef goulash, mint tea. The second breakfast: boiled soft-boiled egg, toast. Lunch: the baked pike perch, new potato, fruit salad. Afternoon snack: yogurt with nutlets. Dinner: turkey and lettuce leaves sandwich, glass of curdled milk.


Breakfast: oat flakes with dates, tea. The second breakfast: boiled egg, a toast from rye bread. Lunch: the fish baked in a foil with sheep cheese, sour cream and greens, a cucumber, tea from a linden. Afternoon snack: long cookies, glass of orange juice. Dinner: a breast of chicken with vegetables on couple, kefir.

The healthy nutrition allows to keep a body in a tone and to accelerate accumulation of muscle bulk. The diet and norms are selected individually, taking into account the state of health, the body weight and the purposes. Initially select the sparing mode. Sugar is reduced gradually. The diet for a set of muscle bulk is calculated on 4 weeks. Every week gradually remove from a diet practically all vegetable food, leaving only protein products, special additives for athletes and long carbohydrates (bean, grain). Leave a diet gradually, adding new products to a diet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team