Healthy nutrition for health of a brain

Healthy nutrition for health of a brain

The correct products will help you to use the brain much more effectively. And the more you will use it, the more it will develop and expand the opportunities. Remember that your diet has to consist of natural and fresh products. You steer clear of the so-called modern, highly processed foodstuff which is full of chemical additives. Many products are genetically modified today and can be dangerous to your health.


1. First, drink more clear water which makes 85% of the mass of our brain. Whether you know that water can really improve your consciousness? When you feel sluggish at noon, instead of a cup of coffee or sparkling water pour to yourself a glass purified water.

2. Researches show that the food rich with berries, considerably reduces process of decrease in function of a brain. Bilberry, for example, promotes improvement of memory and interferes with an incoordination of movements. Berries are rich with antioxidants which protect cells of a brain from oxidation and damage by free radicals. It means that antioxidants can slow down aging of a brain and also promote growth of healthy cells of a brain. Carry bilberry, blackberry, red grapes, raspberry, strawberry, a cranberry to the most useful berries.

3. Yellow, orange and green vegetables are rich with beta carotene, powerful antioxidant which turns into vitamin A in an organism. A dark green leafy vegetables and a citrus are rich with vitamin C. Both of these vitamins are directly connected with memory improvement and also they support arteries in good shape. Products with the high content of beta carotene and vitamin C: mango, oranges, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, paprika.

4. Vegetables and fruit also contain natural sugar which I help to keep a brain in a tone. Avocados are rich with healthy fats and vitamin E. Germinated grains are rich with cellulose. All this is useful for a blood system. And what is useful for a blood-groove perfectly is suitable for a brain.

5. Irreplaceable fatty acids are necessary for normal development of a brain. Researches show that consumption of products with high content the omega of fatty acid can reduce risk of senile dementia and improves work of a brain. They also improve memory and increase ability to training. A blue-green algae is a good source the Omega of fatty acids and also nut and vegetable oils. All nuts, especially walnut, feed a brain and increase serotonin level in blood. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which influences all departments of a brain and controls a dream, mood, memory and other neurologic processes.

6. The cleaning diets can help to increase operability of a brain. Eliminating toxic chemicals and heavy metals which collect in an organism, a diet will save a brain from dangerous free radicals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team