Healthy nutrition on the way - simple recommendations

Healthy nutrition on the way - simple recommendations

Healthy nutrition on the way – a subject quite relevant now especially as many of us are going to spend a vacation far from the house. And the subject of food is on the way especially painful because we for some reason dare to relax and we pass from the healthy menu on "that it is necessary" - fast food, sweet carbonated drinks and other harmful products

Products to the road

Getting ready for a trip, try to think over carefully the diet and try to buy products in advance. Give preference to low-calorie products:

  • chicken fillet or fillet of a turkey;
  • the steamed brown rice;
  • cheeses of firm grades;
  • any nuts;
  • various greens;
  • whole-grain bread or small loafs.

Here, for example, such menu of healthy nutrition on the way – a natural yoghourt, boiled chicken fillet (it can be stored in a foil or to make black bread sandwiches), fruit for having a snack. Choosing products, you remember what smoked products, boiled eggs, sausage and other is perishable goods and it is better to leave them at home as they should be stored in the fridge.

If in way long changes are coming you, then try not to order large portions in roadside cafes and give preferences to the products rich with cellulose, and those which will help you to satisfy feeling of hunger quickly. This simple advice will help you to adhere to healthy nutrition on the way.

What is recommended to drink on the way

The healthy nutrition and the drinking mode are inseparably linked and all understand that during a heat it is necessary to drink waters more, than in cool weather that there was no dehydration. Give preference to water without gas – it and can satisfy thirst and to dilute hot tea or coffee.

Be not too lazy to prepare the lemon sliced for a trip and to sugar it. Such pieces can be added to water – a peculiar self-made lemonade which will help to soften symptoms of a motion sickness will turn out and to fill shortage of vitamins. One more council if at you on a trip seasickness symptoms are shown – take ginger drink. For its preparation you need 3-4 cm of a root of the ginger wiped on a grater and two liters of boiled water. It is possible to add honey and a lemon to drink to taste. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team