Herring roe: than it is useful how to salt

Herring roe: than it is useful how to salt

Herring caviar, or a herring, it is quite confidently possible to characterize as an independent product of daily character which long since and very often is on a dining table. If to compare it with rare types of fish caviar, then herring has bigger popularity and is available practically to all. Material of this article is devoted to a question of the importance of this product in a food allowance of the person, to possible restrictions in the use and also the simple recipe of house salting herring caviar will be specified.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Such simple fish as herring, long since and till today remains one of the most widespread fish delicacies. Without having special presentableness, this product nevertheless wins in fight against competitors thanks to the faultless and simple taste.

Study nutritional value of a herring and its milts.

On structure oceanic and freshwater a herring are very similar, the only distinction is only the amount of iodine and fat: in oceanic there is more first component, in river — the second.

On power value caviar of herring is referred to category of highly nourishing products, but it is located nearby with moderately high-calorie provisions. Let's learn how many calories contain in caviar of this fish.

The chemical structure and nutritional value of a product are presented as follows:


Quantity I WATCH, power units, the list of vitamins and chemical elements


31.6 g


10.3 g


0 g


222 kcal


·         calciferol (D),

·         tocopherol (E),

·         group of water-soluble vitamins B,

·         Retinolum (A)

Chemical elements

·         zinc,

·         manganese,

·         calcium,

·         iodine,

·         sodium,

·         magnesium,

·         selenium,

·         potassium,

·         phosphorus,

·         hardware,

·         fatty acids (Omega-3, Omega-6)

Important! The cod-liver oil which is a part of a product reduces cholesterol level in blood, reducing scales of fat cages. Vitamins promote faster assimilation by an organism of proteins and amino acids, and mineral components have good impact on working capacity, increase cheerfulness and activity of the person, improve his memory and concentration.

Than herring roe is useful

Herring caviar is quite standard snack, different not only bright and interesting taste, but also the is unique useful influence on a human body. The set of the vitamins and components which are contained in this product strengthens in general protective functions of an organism, especially during the autumn and winter period.

Caviar of herring is recommended to be included in the menu to people with active development of diseases of a thyroid gland or during the rehabilitation period after received medical treatment these diseases.

The use of a product intensifies a number of actions, especially significant for an organism: renovation of fabrics, increase in degree of hemoglobin, formation of new erythrocytes, transformation of the increased or lowered blood pressure to normal.

Learn, than caviar of different types of fish is useful: capelins, crashes, pikes, pollock, halibut.

The most important element granting such improving result is zhiropodobny substance — lecithin which in herring roe is enough.

Despite of the high caloric content of salty herring caviar, its use in moderate quantities it is authorized even in dietary food. The amount of the fat which is contained in a herring stays between borders of 2 and 33%: this indicator depends on season and also the site of the ocean in which fish was hooked. As practice, the mass of fat in the herring caught in (subpolar) latitudes which were brought more closer to a pole, above than at others shows.

Important! Diseases of a cardiovascular system and also the hypostases connected with some violations in the course of its functionality, an ulcer simultaneous inflammation of thick and thin guts do not provide total rejection of this product, but demand restriction of the used quantity.

Vitamin A, or Retinolum, plays an important role in supply of human eyes with useful components as it promotes carotene formation. Vitamin D well influences a condition of the immune system, allowing an organism to save additional energy.

In a fat component of herring caviar there is a useful cholesterol in number from 1.5 to 14%, and the level of lecithin fluctuates within the limits from 1.0 up to 43%.

Herring roe very productively affects epidermis, preventing process of withering and aging of skin, besides, the product well heals wounds and the struck zones.

Salt in fish structure prevents reproduction of numerous species of bacteria and also delays process of activity of various toxins. Influence of polyunsaturated fatty acids on an organism can be characterized as follows:

  • increase efficiency of recovery processes in an organism, thereby interfering with formation of bad cholesterol;
  • break the atherosclerotic plaques existing in vessels;
  • reduce threat of a clotting;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • help to overcome a seasonal depression;
  • constrain expansion in an organism of cancer new growths;
  • save an organism from slags and toxins;
  • reduce inflammatory processes.

At the people sick with psoriasis, consumption of caviar of herring helps to facilitate disease symptoms, and the antioxidants which are in this product reduce number of products of oxidizing process in plasma liquid.

Whether you know? In Japan not so long ago caviar of herring began to be used as a basis of a face pack. These cosmetology products rejuvenate and tighten skin and also smooth wrinkles on a face.

Collective influence of magnesium and nonsaturated fatty acids reduces possibility of rheumatoid arthritis and attacks of suffocation. Besides, uniform influence of nicotinic acid and a calciferol positively affect functionality of a skeleton of the person.

Contraindications and harm

At all absolutely obvious pluses of this product, there are certain contraindications to its use:

  • presence of gastritis with the increased level of acidity, an ulcer, inflammation of a duodenum, other disorders of work of a GIT;
  • the diseases connected with work of a zhyolchny bubble;
  • the increased blood pressure;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • renal and hepatic diseases;
  • violations of work of an urinary system;
  • excess accumulation of liquid in soft fabrics, mainly, in hypodermic cellulose of a breast, stomach and extremities;
  • diabetes.

Study indications and contraindications to consumption of red and black caviar.

Upon purchase of a herring it is important to estimate the following strong indications of its freshness:

  • flexibility and elasticity of gills, their scarlet color (not gray);
  • by pressing a trunk of fish it should not get out of the shape;
  • lack of a smell of decay and slime, yellow spots and strips (oxidation of fats) on a scaly cover of fish;
  • transparent, but not muddy eyes.

How to salt in house conditions: recipe

Salty or fresh-salted herring caviar is full-fledged and independent food product. As a rule, it is served separately, if desired can be added with some garnish and seasonal vegetables.

Sandwiches with caviar of herring are attractive as by sight, and on taste, besides they are not tied to a celebration and if desired can daily be served.

To try this product, it is possible to get or order it in shop, restaurant, cafe in finished form or to salt houses in living conditions.

Whether you know? Till the XV century in Europe, herring because of heavy aroma of rancid cod-liver oil and not palatable bitter taste was not considered the food intended for people of society. It was food of poor inhabitants and monks, and the French king Ludovic Sviatoy sent it as alms to derelicts. The gastronomic herring revolution began after the Dutch fisherman Willem Jacob Beukelson experimented in preparation of fish: removed gills as the main component of a product exuding such taste and a smell and salted her.

The list of the ingredients demanded for preparation of salty caviar of the house, following:

  • caviar from 4–6 fishes;
  • salt, pepper;
  • bay leaf.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. We put 4 laurel leaflets on a bottom of a half-liter can so that to cover a bottom.
  2. Accurately we spread from above caviar one layer, we strew with pepper and salt to taste.
  3. Again we put bay leaf (it is possible not 4, but 1–2 leaflets any more).
  4. We spread over a lavrushka one more layer of caviar which we pepper too and we salt.
  5. We place caviar so that pieces laid down not with an overlap the friend on the friend, and in one layer. If pieces big, them it is possible to cut in half.
  6. Also we put laurel leaflets on the last layer of a product, we pepper, we salt.
  7. To bank it is densely closed and we send to the fridge approximately for a week. In process of a zasalivaniye it is possible to see how contents banks are pressed and settles.

Important! A peculiar delicacy in the form of herring caviar, unlike expensive black or red, more available, at the same time not less useful.

Certainly, the herring is one of the most widespread fishes who are in the daily menu of modern society. All above information only proves advantage of herring roe for an organism. At all the plainness, easily availability and a byudzhetnost, herring roe has magnificent food qualities and by right takes the important place in kitchens of the different countries, herring dishes including caviar, it is possible to diversify both an ordinary, and solemn lunch or a dinner.

How to salt herring roe in house conditions: video

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