Home-made boiled sausage the hands

Home-made boiled sausage the hands

The home-made boiled sausage made from natural ingredients, which isn't containing artificial dyes, fragrances and preservatives – an excellent alternative to a store product.

The sausage made in house conditions from meat or chicken forcemeat can be applied to baby and dietary food, is irreplaceable for preparation of various salads and various sandwiches.

Recipes of home-made sausage allow to change amount of spices, to do the final product to less high-calorie, to use various methods of heat treatment.

Sausage from chicken

Preparation of home-made sausage from chicken requires 1 kg of fillet of a breast or meat of hips and shins. It is necessary to remember that from light meat sausage turns out slightly dryish and less high-calorie. For receiving an optimal variant of the final product it is possible to use both types of meat.

Meat of chicken is cut small pieces and by means of the blender milled before obtaining creamy structure. After that add to forcemeat the crushed garlic or onions, 100 ml of cream, spices to taste, 1 large crude egg.

The turned-out mix is carefully mixed once again the blender. That ready sausage well held a form, it is possible to add 1 tsp of starch to forcemeat. If desired to give to a product habitual pink color, in forcemeat pour in 3-4 tablespoons of a fresh beet juice.

Weight is spread on a foil or in a roasting sleeve, form small cylindrical preparations and densely clamp edges. To prevent water ingress in packing, preparations are recommended to be placed in 1-2 plastic bags.

Sausage of a home cooking is stacked in a wide pan, filled in with water and cooked on small fire within 2-3 hours. The ready-made product is cooled, placed at several o'clock in the fridge then sausage can be served to a table.

Sausage from ground pork

The juicy steak weighing 800-1000 g is crushed together with garlic in the meat grinder, add salt to taste, black or paprika, an oregano, nutmeg and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix is carefully mixed and placed in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

For giving to sausage of necessary density add to forcemeat 1 tsp of starch or gelatin. If there is a wish to make home-made sausage more juicy and high-calorie, then meat can be scrolled with addition of pieces of fat and 100 ml of cream.

The pungent flavor to a ready-made product is impacted by the small slices of cheese mixed with ready forcemeat. In order that cheese melted less, it is convenient to use the dried-up slices.

The sausage mash is spread on the sheet of paper for pastries or a foil, give it the necessary form, carefully wrap edges and placed in a plastic bag. Preparation is cooked on the same technology, as sausage from chicken.

If there is no opportunity to monitor preparation process, home-made boiled sausage can be cooked in the multicooker, having put it on the mode of suppression or cooking of soup.

When coloring sausage beet juice it is necessary to overturn preparations from time to time on other side that coloring of a ready-made product was uniform.

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