Home-made dry-cured sausage without gut

Home-made dry-cured sausage without gut

Sausage dry-cured is very good and tasty snack, but, unfortunately, such sausage goods is made with addition of various harmful additives and chemicals. Therefore it is necessary only to prepare it independently, and the dish will turn out even much more tasty than any store analog.

So, preparation of home-made sausage dry-cured requires set of the following products and spices:

- apple vinegar of biological origin

- beef of 1.2 kg.

- fat (salty) 200 g.

- the salt which is (not iodated) 45 g.

- red hot pepper at will

- sausage spices and a coriander on one tablespoon with the hill

- sand sugar one Part spoon

- grinding ground black pepper spoons two h

Preparation of meat

In order that sausage house dry-cured turned out tasty, it is necessary for its preparation to select only the most delicate and very fresh meat at which there shouldn't be veins. Beef sirloin most of all is suitable for this purpose. If in your piece veins meet, cut out them and only then start cutting. Meat should be cut strips 2 cm thick.

Mix of spices

Further it is necessary to prepare also special mix for salting, and for this purpose at first to fry, then in the coffee grinder it is necessary to process coriander grains, and to add black, burning paprika, salt, granulated sugar and spices to it.

Pickling of meat

We sprinkle the cut meat vinegar and we rub with spices, everything is well mixed.

Marinated meat we put a baking plate bends in corrosion-proof ware and we remove in a hodilnik, all it will spend 12-15 hours there.

As a rule, during salting from meat juice which isn't recommended to be merged begins to be emitted actively. 6 hours later meat needs to be turned, stamped properly once again, we remove in the fridge meat also the baking plate bends.

After a marination to wring out meat very strongly.

Formation of sausages and drying

Further meat needs to be overwound in the meat grinder, then with the received forcemeat it is necessary to mix the overwound fat cut before it very small.

Prepare the small mat applied to making sushi. Several times to wrap up it in food wrap and to oil vegetable. It is also possible to form sausages in gloves having oiled them vegetable.

With its help to create small sausages 2 cm thick, thick sausages aren't recommended to be done, drying time considerably increases.

As soon as a sausage goods is created, they should be laid out at once on some most suitable lattice (the lattice of a dehydrator or a small lattice prepared for these purposes) to such place where air flows are strongest. Within five days, home-made sausage will be completely made, it can be given to a holiday or daily table as juicy snack.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team