Home-made ice cream with different tastes

Home-made ice cream with different tastes

In summertime pleasantly it is also useful to make home-made ice cream together with children. On the basis of one basic recipe it is possible to make delicacy with different tastes, adding new and new ingredients.

To prepare a basis for home-made ice cream, 3 eggs, 300 ml of cream, 70 g of sugar will be necessary for you. Proteins should be separated from yolks. Then whites in separate capacity are beaten with addition of a pinch of salt. Shake up yolks in other capacity with addition of sugar. Cream is also shaken up separately.

Now mix cream with proteins and accurately pour in them in proteins a thin stream. If you add filler for taste, it should be done exactly at present. Now place the prepared mix in the freezer. While it is frozen, it is useful to mix few times it – it will help to exclude formation of small pieces of ice. For preparation of such ice cream there are enough five-six hours.

For receiving chocolate ice cream it is required to include in ingredients 100 g of dark or bitter chocolate – to your taste. Chocolate to break on pieces, to kindle to liquid state, to cool and mix with a liquid ice-cream powder before the room in the freezer. It is possible to add grated chocolate to chocolate ice cream.

For preparation of lemon ice cream with the light refreshing taste add to basic ingredients a lemon and to bank of condensed milk, eggs won't be necessary for this delicacy. Wring out a lemon – about 50 ml of juice are required. Shake up cream before solidification, add to them condensed milk, mix. Pour in juice, again mix everything. Pour out mix in a form and place in the freezer. Get each two hours, mix and place back, and so until everything doesn't stiffen. Tasty lemon ice cream with light sourness turns out. Before giving on a table it is possible to decorate with fruit, mint leaflets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team