Hot Strawberry smoothie

Hot Strawberry smoothie

- beginning great drink in which tastes change from sweet and very bright, then mint refreshing further there is a fragrant strawberry taste, unexpectedly ostrenky. Hot Strawberry smoothie refreshes and saturates with vitamins - try to make him!

It is required to you

  • - 200 g of strawberry;
  • - 200 g of sweet cherry;
  • - 100 g of mint;
  • - on 50 g of a refiner syrup, cream of 33% fat content;
  • - on 20 g of dark chocolate, a ginger root;
  • - 1 lime.


1. Rub a ginger root piece on a grater, wring out juice from the turned-out weight. Wash out fresh strawberry, dry on paper towels, punch together with ginger juice in the blender. Taste - if strawberry in itself sweet, then sugar can be not added. But if it is required - add some sugar on the discretion. Combination of sweet strawberry and ginger very original.

2. Lay out strawberry puree in a wine glass. Small cut a fresh peppermint, fill up it with sugar, send to the blender together with juice from one lime, add cream, punch to total homogeneity. Lay out on strawberry puree from above a mint layer.

3. Wash out fresh ripe sweet cherry, exempt each berry from stones, shake up to uniformity the blender. The third layer of our dense useful drink turned out - lay out it from above on mint puree.

4. Kindle hot chocolate on a water bath or in the microwave oven. Decorate with liquid chocolate of edge of a wine glass. From above decorate with berries of strawberry or sweet cherry, it is possible to decorate with mint leaves, give at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team