House fried squash

House fried squash

Fried squash are a dish very useful, it is considered dietary. It is very simple to prepare it in house conditions, ingredients available and inexpensive. Give it as a garnish or snack with garlic sauce. In preparation there are special receptions, observing which at you always amazing squash will turn out.

It is the recipe of classical squash home-style with garlic sauce. Such squash give also hot as a garnish, or snack. If they cooled down, cold they very tasty too.   

For preparation of 4 portions it is required to us:

  • Squash of 800 g.
  • Salt, ground black pepper
  • Vegetable purified oil of 100 ml.
  • White wheat flour of 250 g.
  • Garlic 4 cloves
  • Mayonnaise or fat sour cream of 200 g.
  • Greens 1 small bunch  

Preparation for preparation

It is important to use small squash. Small squash – younger, they are more tasty, have no rigid crust and firm sunflower seeds. With young squash the texture of a dish will be more gentle.

We cut squash on rings 1 cm thick.

If fruits absolutely small and thin, then cut them on diagonal on ovals or even in length. It will reduce the number of work as it will be less pieces.

Further we season squash plentifully with salt and we season with a few pepper. Then we put in a colander where from them juice will flow down. It is necessary that to pieces flour stuck better.   

We begin to fry

We put a frying pan with a flat bottom on average fire. It is desirable to fry all the time on average fire. We pour 50 ml (glass) of vegetable oil in a frying pan or 100 ml if a frying pan big.

Take a big container, for example a bowl, and pour out in it flour.

After squash flew down, on several pieces (4-5) we put them in flour and we roll in it from all directions. We wait for minute (without taking out squash from a bowl) and once again we roll in flour. Two times need to be breaded on the fact that if to bread once, flour will become impregnated with moisture and will begin to come unstuck from squash.

We put the squash breaded twice on a frying pan, and in flour we put the following squash and we bread them also. 

We fry squash about 2 minutes from each party, till pleasant golden color.   

Garlic sauce

We clean garlic from a peel and we squeeze out through a press for garlic if it is absent, then garlic needs to be chopped very small.

We wash greens and small we cut.

Well we mix with mayonnaise, or sour cream all ingredients a tablespoon.

We try and add if salt is required.   


It is better to give sauce separately or near squash. It rather sharp and everyone chooses for itself(himself) the quantitative ratio of sauce with a dish. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team